This, Too, Shall Pass

Christmas is not only for gorgeous decorations, exchange of beautiful presents, and happy family celebrations.  Amidst the backdrop of holiday cheer, there are those who experience raw pain and loss. If you are one of them, if you have lost a loved one, money, a relationship, a business, or all of these…I would like to encourage you that the true meaning of Christmas is for you. The King of Kings with his glorious riches was born among smelly animals in an uncomfortable manger. He gave up divine privileges to be born as a servant. He drank the bitter cup of suffering so that you and I may have eternal life.

The imperfections in our earthly life make us long for the perfection of heaven. They serve as a reminder that we are not yet home… not to get too comfortable here. We have a race to run in such a way as to win the prize, staying on the path that leads to God. But unlike the prizes, crowns, and trophies of this world which will pass away, the prize in heaven is for eternity and is what matters.

God sends His comfort. I went with family members to Baguio and here are the signs that I encountered during my trip:

sign 1 sign 2 sign 3 sign 4 sign 5 sign 6 sign 7 sign 8 sign 9 sign 10 sign 11

Our troubles will pass, making us stronger along the way. Everyone will have problems but if you are His child, you have his limitless power, wisdom, and love with you on the journey. With him in the equation, all will be well. In your weakness, his power is made perfect. Stay the course, keep the faith, my friend.

Wynonna Judd singing “I Can Only Imagine”

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