Message for My Younger Self: Cindy Soriano

If you had the chance, knowing what you know now, what would you tell your younger self?  Cindy Marquez Soriano shared her thoughts on this.  Cindy is a wife, mother, homeschooling mom, women’s ministry teacher, proponent of Declutter and Simplify 2015 (an open group on Facebook which you can join).

Simplify and Declutter 2015
Simplify and Declutter 2015
Cindy with her husband, Pastor Joby Soriano
Cindy with her husband, Pastor Joby Soriano

She’s the other of the two better halves of the Pastor Joby and Cindy Soriano team (one husband, one wife but who really gets to say who’s better?) teaching wisdom and life lessons at CCF Alabang.  With her permission, I am sharing what she posted online which I think will bless those who have the luxury of youth and clean slate:



Twenty-six was the most eventful time of my life, good and bad. I was a career woman, doing a few print ads, a couple of magazine covers and fashion shows. I was fit, an athlete, I joined a beauty pageant, won and competed in Sydney, but lost. I was the first woman to win the TOPS [The Outstanding Philippines Salesperson] award.

Cindy as a Commercial Model
Cindy as a Commercial Model

I had loving parents, good sisters and a brother. I worked for a grand hotel [The Manila Peninsula], I loved my job. If you met me then, you would probably say, “she doesn’t have a problem in the world!” HOWEVER, In spite of all that, I WAS VERY unsure of my life, very unhappy and lost, very worried about my future and my love life. Would I get married? Would I meet a good man, who wouldn’t fool around, would I die alone?

Anyone could be on top of the world, achieve the unachievable, win the biggest lottery. But each and very high, brings A MOMENTARY elation, happiness. It disappears as quickly as it arrives. And afterwards, the low is more often lower. The emptiness is more pronounced. It seems that no matter how hard one tries, it’s like grasping water in the palm of one’s hand.

I made my worse choices from ages 26-28, choices that changed the course of my life forever. I feel God designed us to experience that apart from HIM there is no real joy, no lasting high. Until I realized that my soul was empty and doomed for that morbid place until He filled me with His forgiveness and gave me the grace of God. I would keep seeking meaning in all the people and occasions that came my way… a pointless pursuit.  Then, He allowed me to see my need for Him, my need for forgiveness for my sins that only He could give – that was at 29 and the rest is history.

– Never compromise your moral values to gain anyone’s love or approval.
– Don’t try too hard to impress people.
– Don’t pretend you are okay, ask for help from trusted people.
– Don’t hate your parents or their inputs; no one will ever love you as they do.
– Never talk back at them.
– Never give yourself to anyone but your husband.
– Don’t ever believe a man if he says he loves you but will ask you to be immoral.
– Don’t get drunk.
– Choose a man who loves God.
– Be yourself, don’t be who you are not.
– Listen to advice.
– Accept yourself, looks, height, body shape and weight.
– Stop thinking of yourself.
– Don’t be impressed with yourself.
– Take the time to listen, look at people when they speak; and speak less.
– Don’t rush through life, living for the future and not living in the present.
– Work hard, don’t take your job for granted.
– Always do you best, never settle for anything half- baked.
– Sleep early, eight hours, take your vitamins and lots of water.
– Use sunblock, always.
– Be kind, well mannered, decently dressed, and modest.
– Be courteous, speak properly.
– Find time to know God, get a Bible and learn His plan for you!
– Don’t settle for any man except the one you know is GOD-GIVEN.

By Cindy Marquez Soriano-

The Cindy of Today (Talking to her 26-year old self)
The Cindy of Today (Talking to her 26-year old self)


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Every young person should read this and learn to be ‘wise’. Thank you for posting, Ms. Karen.

    1. Glad you were blessed Ivy! Cindy is a wise woman wiling to share her learnings!

  2. I will be reading more of your posts- emitting inspiration and positive in every way. Have a delightful day ahead, Ms. Karen. God Bless you!

    1. Thank you so much Ivy! Such an honor to share inspiration! Have a wonderful Valentine month!!!:)

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