Restoring a House

Two years ago, I was so frustrated with myself.  I knew what God wanted me to do but I kept failing to stick to God’s program whenever my self wanted to get back on the throne of my life.  God impressed upon me a vision of a rotted house in need of rebuilding.  It necessitates letting go of what needs to be gone (termite-infested wood and all) and adhering to the rebuilding plan.  Here’s the post I wrote:

God has a cute sense of humor sometimes to drive home a point.  Last December after I signed the lease for the Kapitolyo property on which the new shop now sits, the things I wrote about came to life.  Long day after long day, I went to the repair site to witness the restoration step by step and see the transformation unfold… haul trash, remove rotten wood and parts that just wouldn’t do, treat termite- infested concrete(!), deep-clean all dirt; replace, refresh, reinforce, beautify, and give new purpose to things that were old (sewing machine bases that outlasted its useability), broken (chandeliers lying in a warehouse for years), alone (Royal Albert cups that didn’t belong to its set anymore), weary (the hundred year old Detroit Jewel oven from the Colman Family) and so forth.

February seemed like a reasonable time to open but the permits to operate were stuck. Beyond my control, both BIR’s Certificate of Registration and City Hall’s permit came back in house at 2pm on April 6, 2015, Easter Monday, a perfect day to mark the start of the new restored house not just on San Rafael Street, not just Karen’s Kitchen’s business comeback, but most importantly the spiritual house of a life restored.

Today the shop is sometimes referred to as “storybook pretty.” May it be a visual reminder to all that what constitutes that beauty were the broken, confused, alone, weary, rejects, placed in the hands of the Great Designer.

Thank You Lord, You are the God of Restoration.  Thank You for Alix Angliongto who didn’t tire of encouraging me to fix my Petron store then broached the idea of a “Vintage Kitchen” which ignited the plan.  Thank You for my genius designer, Joi Cutter, for walking alongside me literally and figuratively in envisioning the “after” amidst the very raw “before.” Thank You for each worker assigned to their own tasks in the restoration. Thank You for Malu Ortiz who oversaw everything while Joi and I were both abroad over Christmas. Thank You for her heart to reach out to the carpenters and for our precious time to remind them that Jesus was also a carpenter; their work to rebuild buildings are a reflection of what He does to our lives.

Thank You for my family who has been with me through the journey.

Thank You for my KK team who has contributed individually and collectively to the work we offer to You as our worship. Thank You for the spiritual family You have gifted me with who have prayed with and for me through all this time. My D-group leaders and D-sisters, my spiritual mothers and counselors, pastors’ wives and pastors, praying friends and family, and perhaps even some people  who just pray for me and others without letting any of us know about it. May God bless villages everywhere with His glorious riches! 

Most of all, I thank You for my husband whom You have used mightily in accomplishing Your good purposes in my life.  Glory to You alone.


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