Encouragement from Kris and Friends

Since we opened the shop last year, it’s  been a long-running joke with appreciative guests that Kris Aquino (dubbed “Queen of All Media”; sometimes nicknamed as the country’s Oprah; and daughter of the late Ninoy and former President Corazon Auino and sister of incumbent President Noynoy Aquino) should come to the shop. “Dapat pumunta dito si Kris,” many a guest would declare.

“Yeah, tell her to come, okay?” I would laugh at the end, obviously with no way to make it happen.

Last week, the day after my birthday, my assistant informed me that Ela, a Kris TV researcher, called to say they would like to come and do a feature on Wednesday.

With such exciting news, while processing the inquiry, I leave a hole in my heart to suspend belief until I see the formal letterhead proposal or a call-back number for the media station. It came Tuesday night! But I was a bit of a Thomas giving a little wiggle room for Murphy’s Law… “until I see her in the flesh”…………

D-day came. Segment producer, Mark, texed an hour before their scheduled food and interiors shoot to inform me they were on their way. It was really happening. “We are thirty in all,” Mark informed me.

Three camera teams stationed themselves at their respective corners as Direk Pinggoy and Mark managed the flow of food being churned out from the kitchen to match what Kris and guests would try that evening.  

Everyone on the KK team was excited. Kulang na lang magkurutan kami sa isa’t isa para malaman naming gising kaming lahat.  (All we needed to do was pinch one another to know this was really happening).

By afternoon with the TV station vans parked outside the shop and the huge cameras and team   of thirty inside, neighbors and passersby began to line the street with their cellphones on hand.

Billy, the segment writer, interviewed me. KrisTV team took their fun photos while waiting for Kris:

Kris TV Team having their fun snapshots

Aicah, I think she’s the show producer (I was nervited —nervous + excited— I couldn’t perfectly remember) introduced herself to me and told me not to be afraid to talk when the cameras start rolling. An hour or so later, she announced, “On the way na!” to which a number of team members automatically went outside to wait to roll the camera upon Kris’s arrival.

Here was the allowable footage my assistant was able to take :

 The feature was scheduled to air in five days… the day after Kris’s birthday, February 15. That day, before he left for work, the beloved turned on the tv which I haven’t turned on since my boys left for university.

730am show time came. The cats, Lux and Kryp, came to quietly watch snippets with me. I thought the KK feature summary would just take three minutes or so but along with the juicy love story of picture-perfect couple, Belle Daza (daughter of first Philippine Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz and businessman, Bong Daza) and Adrien Semblat (French executive of Adidas) and the funny, candid,  multi-talented singer-comedienne K Brosas, the KK food and decor were interspersed for the entire hour and half duration of the show!

Here is a collage of food bytes from that show:

Kris, despite her stature and achievements (and oh what luminescent, flawless skin!), is gracious and generous with her encouragement. She is quick-witted. When she saw Belle’s makeup turn shiny, she promptly called, “Cut!” to give the makeup crew a chance to touch her up.  She really listens and has sharp memory. She managed the flow of conversation adeptly to allow for juicy stuff, suspense, fun, and in my case, she did not withhold from giving kind words. What a blessing Kris Aquino is ! Belle was also very gracious as were Adrien and K.  I was just sensurrounded with beautiful, talented, gracious people! What a blessing to be a sailing cat (thanks Minnie for your  “sailing pusa” euphemism) in yesterday’s show.

Watching the collage, I realized it was an unexpected birthday/ Valentine present to validate the work God has given me for this season of my life.

Thank you Kris, K, Belle, Adrien and the whole KrisTV team for your encouragement. I thank God for my precious and beautiful KK team, and supportive friends. Most of all, I thank Daddylicious, the Owner of this business.

The whole show will be avaialable for a week or so on iwantv app under ABS-CBN/ KrisTV/ February 15.

Update March 10, 2016

Two couples came to the shop this afternoon and told me that Kris is taking a break from showbiz for health reasons.  I checked on the news and found out that today is Kris’s last day of taping Kris TV.   This tugs at my heart to see that God allowed the grace of Kris blessing me and Karen’s Kitchen Kapitolyo before she took her break.  I found her Instagram account and was blessed by the many Scriptures she posted. During her visit to the shop, she also mentioned she had just finished reading three chapters of the bible that morning. Thank You Lord, that You are blessing Kris with time with You and You are empowering, equipping, guiding, guarding, protecting her every day.  May You pour out Your favor in every area of her life in every season of her life in Jesus’s name amen.


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