You Can Be Victorious While Your Circumstances Remain Imperfect: Nick Vujicic

Ever ask God why He didn’t grant you your heart’s desire? God didn’t give Nick Vujicic the miracle of getting arms and legs.  

Photo from MyDailyBooster
Photo from MyDailyBooster
Still “stuck” in the same circumstances, Nick changed his view from Life without “Limbs” to Life without “Limits”, not focusing on his disability but maximising his ability.  Nick’s knowledge of God changed his perspective to live out his position in Christ of being “More Than Conqueror”.  Instead of God’s victory just being theory to hear, Nick lived it out. Nick even said, “Who needs arms and legs when they’re just going to get arthritis?”  God’s Word was his anchor in knowing the truth of his identity, security, and position in Christ.  In the world’s eyes, he may hear “Poor thing!” aside from insults.  But God’s Word says that God has a purpose, God wasn’t mistaken, He has a good God plan (good God, good plan) for everyone which overrides inadequacy, the past, failures, traumas, and any series of unfortunate events.

The battlefield of victory/defeat is in the mind where Satan would feed lies such as “You’re not good enough”, “You’re trash”, etc.  God’s Word asks that we allow our minds to be transformed  according to His Word.  Read God’s Word, won’t you, Beloved?  It’s key to your victory.  (Previous Post: Weapon of Spiritual Warfare: Word of God)

Romans 12:2(NIV)  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

“When God doesn’t change a circumstance, we know that He can use it for good, that others may see the power of Christ in us… And this is the purpose that we are called to live for:  to be a living testimony to those around us that they can see the victory that we can live in by the power of His Holy Spirit.  And maybe these challenges that are present in my life are not just for me to be more dependent on God but to be an example and a visual aid of God’s strength and victory in my weakness… My future is not held hostage by my circumstance.  The act of living out God’s purpose and plan and seeing how it impacts others in such dramatic and life-changing way, there is no better life for me or for anyone else who will live their life for Jesus Christ.”                                                                – Nick Vujicic

Nick did not limit God.  Nick did not limit God’s plan and purpose.  He gave up what he so wanted—the arthritis-bound arms and legs—- the deprivation of which made him want to commit suicide when he was a child.  Nick did not give up on God when God did not grant his heart’s desire.  He was willing to let God put in his heart what God wanted him to desire.  Because of that, Nick did not lose out on the great life he is now living, giving hope to millions and millions of discouraged people around the world.

Could Nick have had the same impact if he had arms and legs? If God granted Nick’s prayers, by now Nick might have become a good accountant in an accounting firm.  But precisely in the glaring imperfection in Nick’s life, God’s best purpose and plan came to fruition.  Nick speaks hope and encouragement around the world, to heads of nations, to teens, prisoners.  Through his foundation, Life Without Limbs, Nick has donated over half a million dollars to those in need.  Money is a good gift to the needy but imagine the impact of life breakthroughs because people who thought they were hopeless saw their hope in God.

God doesn’t make mistakes.   Beloved, The all-knowing, all-loving God did not suddenly make a mistake on your life.  His plan for you was made before you were born.  I pray He will open your eyes by the power of His Holy Spirit to see your life from His point of view that you may not merely be victorious positionally as God’s child but victorious experientially because you are allowing His power to work in and through you amidst the circumstances and people He is using to accomplish His good, pleasing, and perfect purposes for your life.

In what ways do you need a godly change of perspective about your circumstances?

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