Casa Daza Dad’s Recipe for Enjoying His Young Adult Kids

(Extension of Fathers’ Inspirational stories for Fathers‘ Month of June)

Cool dad, Sandy Daza, has four young adult kids.  Franco (28 years old), Ali (24), Turo (23), Danielle (20) inherited their beautiful mother, Tessa’s, and dad’s good looks and talents. Franco just graduate from college. Turo is a VJ in MYX at ABS-CBN. Both men are aspiring to be lawyers.  Ali works for an Australian company and  Danielle is a incoming senior in Ateneo.



All four kids join their dad to cook and/or eat typical and new family recipes they would normally have at home in their latest cooking show together, Casa Daza, at 9pm Mondays on Lifestyle Channel 52. Chef Sandy advocates easy confidence-building recipes that will encourage even new cooks to upgrade their cooking skills.

casa daza
L-R: Danielle, Turo, Sandy, Franco, Ali Daza
Franco cooking with his dad.
Danielle Daza
Danielle and her dad say, “Cheers!”
ali and turo daza
Son, Turo, and daughter, Ali, lunch with their dad.
Not all parents get to be so chummy with their kids who pass the teenage years but the famous veteran chef has an obvious great relationship with his kids that is delightfully inspiring to watch.

Here today, the master cooking teacher shares another kind of recipe… not for a patay-ang-diet dish but tips for parents who want to have an enjoyable relationship with their kids.

“How I got them to join me in my show? Television has been good to me. I talk to them about how it would be nice to be seen on tv just as we are. What the viewer sees is how we really are as a family. I didn’t coach them; they just spoke freely. . God indeed has blessed me with my family.

Grown up kids nowadays are difficult to invite since they have their own gimmicks. My kids are my priority.  Time is most important in building a relationship so what I do is:

  • look for a time when they’re not busy
  • throw the idea of going on a food trip
  • make them choose where to eat. Many times after we dine out, we
  • watch a movie which I let them choose, complete with popcorn and drinks. 
  • spend as much time as I can with them whether at home or just driving for them
  • have a short devotional bible study together once a week.
  • pray together for each other

I didn’t know where to start with those devotionals until CCF [the church they go to] started giving out devotional guides during Sunday service.  So about two years ago, we started and lately, we have been able to do this once a week. After dinner when we are together, I announce we have a devotional.  I keep them short (like ten minutes) so it’s ok with them. We discuss whenever we can. 

It’s a daily struggle to obey God’s word; it’s not easy. I’ve had many seasons of backsliding.  But I know keeping a close relationship with God is key. I try my best to be committed to my relationship with Him. 

Thanks, Chef for your authenticity. The #struggleisreal.

Dear Reader, would you please help pray for all fathers and mothers and families all over the world to run the race and finish well? Here’s to victorious families everywhere!

And look out for this show! Su casa es tu casa so watch Casa Daza!

Bon Apetit!

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  1. I’ll say a prayer for all fathers mothers and families. May the Lord’s blessings be upon them.

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      Amen! Praise God for your prayer!

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