Katherine “Kata” Inocencio Part 2: God’s Word as Guide

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Kata Inocencio felt called out of her fifteen-year enviable job at the high profile TV network, ABS-CBN, to become a missionary in Israel.  Hard to understand such a move but Kata had already surrendered her life to the Lord by this time.  Highly competent and proactive as she is, she was already at a stage in her spiritual life where she was convinced that God knows best so she was ready to obey when she got instructions from God through reading His Word.

KATA INOCENCIO (KI): I had a Word from God at that time. I struggled about leaving ABS-CBN of course. Lord, how will I feed my three children if You want me to be a missionary, I’m a single mother. He gave me Psalm 127. “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. In vain you wake up early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat—and yet I want to give you sleep. Sons are a heritage from the Lord. Children are reward from him. Like arrows in an archer’s hand are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies at the gate.”[Kata recited these verses from memory.] The Lord was telling me, “Build My house, I will build yours. What you’re going to be doing for Me is precisely for your children’s future and welfare. Do not be afraid. Your toiling and sweating for something that I’m not the foundation of —is in vain.” That’s when I had to decide to go. Three times in one week, I saw Psalm 127  (in different ways… from a book I was reading, when I looked up and I saw a signpost…).

Those are my guides e. its’ really the word of God. Many times I say, “Lord, I will not move unless I have a word from you.”

So I left ABS-CBN, going for broke as a missionary not knowing exactly what will happen. We started a ministry in Israel. There in Israel I learned many things from the Lord. He shared with me about Him restoring me; God giving me horns of iron and hooves of bronze in Micah 4:13 which to me referred to broadcasting pa rin (still). In Psalm 96 that I will be proclaiming His praise daily. He also gave me a word in Isaiah 62 that I’m a watchman on the wall. Watchmen watch and observe, and then proclaim… broadcasting di ba (right)? And that I will do this daily 24 hours. I said, “Wow, You just took me out of the biggest network and then You’re telling me that? How will I do that, I wonder?” In 2004, Brother Eddie (Villanueva) ran for president. I didn’t know him. I went to a meeting just to find out what was going on. I came early. Bro. Eddie asked me, “How long have you been a Christian? How long have you been a broadcaster? I didn’t know he was interviewing me because at the end of the meeting, he said, ‘I want Sister Kata to take over my show, Diyos at Bayan.’ So I hosted his program while he was campaigning. He didn’t win.  When he came back, he wanted me to stay and co-host with him.  Hence, ten years since, I have been co-hosting Diyos at Bayan with Bro. Eddie. When I was interviewed by Cito Beltran on his show, he asked me what was I doing in Zoe TV, I was already in ABS-CBN, para bang, “ba’t ka nagpa-demote?” (as though asking “why did you agree to be demoted?”).  I was shocked but I said, ‘You know, Cito, the honor comes from God. Who am I to have been chosen to replace Bro. Eddie in his program and now sit beside him on his program? Other people are more qualified than I.  But I’ve been chosen.  The promotion comes from God, the honor comes from Him.’ Good answer Holy Spirit [with a wide, satisfied smile, looks up with a thumbs up sign] ’cause I didn’t know the answer before that e.


Two times in my life, The Lord made me choose…. between the man I loved and my career.  Both times I chose Jesus.  Then The Lord showed me John 15 and He said, “You did not choose me.  But I. chose. YOU. Oh my God. Ang yabang yabang ko pa (I was so proud) by saying, “I chose God over him… I chose God over ABS-CBN. Hindi pala ako yon. Si God pala yung nag-choose sa akin. Kaya (I wasn’t the one choosing after all. That’s why) again, I was , “Why did You choose me? What have I got to offer You? When I tried to think why… I have nothing; I’m so flawed… Is there anything in me that You see that pleases You at all that You have to choose me?

The Lord showed me ‘It’s your pure heart that genuinely wants to know Me.’ I’m saying this because I think many people should know this ‘cause some people think they have to be beautiful, excellent, wise, intelligent for them to even be trusted with the big things of The Lord. It’s really just your pure heart which only The Lord can see that will qualify you even to work for Him.

I’m not saying qualify you to be loved by Him because nothing can qualify us. The only thing that qualified us to be loved by God is Christ (nothing of our works).

GOD’S PROMISE FULFILLED                                                 
(KI): Yung Word Nya (God’s Word) came to pass. I became the Head of 700 Club. Sabi Nya (He said) kingship/ headship.  CBN [Christian Broadcasting Network] first called in 2001 (same year I left ABS-CBN).  They had watched me on my show. At first they offered me to be host but I had no confirmation from God. It took another two years. At first, they just consulted me…how to improve the show.  Apparently, they appreciated my professional opinion and they offered me the job as Head. This time I prayed about it. This time, [God’s Word confirmed] “yes”.

I asked God. “What’s the difference?”  I think it was I who was not ready. I needed to be prepared.

My prayer was, “Lord am I broken enough for this responsibility?”  

Lord said, “There, I will break you some more.”

BITS:  What do you mean by “I am broken enough?”

KI:  Am I humble enough? Have I dropped all my baggage already? Am I the right person to take such huge responsibility. At that time, 700 club was just a weekly show (for) thirty minutes. Now it’s daily, one hour. The mandate was huge. I didn’t even have that kind of responsibility in ABS-CBN. I’m also not technically prepared, I thought. Even with my hosting with Bro. Eddie I was also not technically prepared for it. I never did a live talk show in ABS-CBN. I was doing news, taped “Bantay Bata”(Child Watch), live newscasts, but not a talk show. So even that one with “Diyos at Bayan” (God and Nation) was a new thing for me even if I had been in the industry for fifteen years already. So even that, I was afraid.  I even get shocked when people say I’m magaling (excellent), I say, “grace lang ‘to (this is purely grace)”

BITS:  Is it your lifestyle now to ask God for His confirmation before you act?

KI: Oh yes definitely, especially if it’s a major decision. It could be life-changing. It has to do not just with work opportunity but with ministry. Is it my assignment? There are many things I discovered that are good, that are godly, that are for God, but it may not be your assignment. There have been missteps along the way thinking something is a call from God and then suddenly a door slams at you because it was not for you. You get hurt in the process but you learn a lesson, to sharpen your spiritual hearing, faith, spiritual instincts… Is this from God, is this not from God… until I reached a point that I inquire, I pray, there’s a Word. Godly counsel is important also. Open doors, smooth anointing, you find yourself in that situation. Sometimes when you’re in that situation, there are still giants that you face like Joshua in Jericho. It was difficult for them to enter Jericho. Once they were there, they still had to continue fighting the giants, just like David who daily inquired of God; Abraham, Jesus…daily inquired of God… so that you know that what you’re going to do is as God directs you… so you won’t make mistakes.

How far ahead do you plan?
KI: There are things that the Lord can give you a vision about so you have to learn how to determine whether that vision is for tomorrow or next year or ten years from now. That’s why the daily inquiring of God is important. The problem I think with visionaries is the mistake of jumping it; it’s for ten years pa pala. God orders things in steps. That’s why we’re taught by Paul about the soldier who disciplines himself, the farmer who sows and does these things before he harvests, the athlete. There’s a process. Not everything happens overnight. I’m also of the belief that the bigger the vision, the deeper the foundation also; the taller the building, the deeper the foundation [needs to be]. Before you even show a semblance of a building, you have to dig deep first. Normally, the Lord does that to us first in our souls, in our way of thinking, in the way we do things. He cleanses us, He purifies, sanctifies us before we can do anything.

BITS:  The daily inquiry, how long does that take.?  How do you do that?
KI: If you read the Word regularly and you are familiar… it’s like sending a text message to God and a text response and you already understand. Just like parents. For the child, if you are with your mom everyday, you know her voice, her expressions, di ba isang nod lang ng head or wink of the eye or expression without a word, you know the message your mom is telling you. I think it’s the same with our relationship with God, if you’re with Him daily, you know Him, you know what works and what doesn’t work with Him, ang mga palusot mo (your alibis) that work or do not work. Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice.”

But sometimes God is quiet. Maybe you asked the wrong question. Or maybe your question is self-serving. Naka ganyan lang sya sa yo [gesturing God is expecting better] waiting for your to ask the right question.

BITS:  Do you set aside specific time? Or does it just flow?
KI:  I am privileged to be working in a ministry where our product is the Word of God and the gospel. So even in our line of work, it’s something we study, consult, and use as our product. Whether you have time to do it at home or not, when I get to my office, I have the opportunity to do that. And our ministry, CBN, is particular also about having our weekly chapel services, daily devotionals so it’s better than a church. We are immersed.   It’s your product e. The Word of God is our product.

BITS:  You come across as a very competent person and probably in your growing up years you found yourself with a lot of ability and proactivity. This daily inquiry you talk of is the opposite.
KI:   Oh definitely.

BITS:  How did this come about?
KI:  When I was still in ABS, I found myself hungry for the Word of God that I read it until 3 am . I would even say, God we have to stop meeting like this because I have to work in the morning. So what did God do? He removed my work. [Laughs]

It started with a genuine hunger for God and I think the problem as we grow older and as we get used to the Lord’s presence and goodness to us is that we’re so busog (full), we’re no longer hungry. That’s where the danger comes because we do not anymore feast on the Word of God. Like I said,  sometimes (just a) text message na lang. But if the Word is in you and you chewed on it, you’ve masticated it, I think it’s something that can be pulled out anytime or the Lord brings to your recollection. The Holy Spirit will remind you of what He has taught you. Even in inquiring of God, “Lord, I have to do this. Can I do this? What should I do?”  If there are no answers, go back to your book. Study. Research … just like in business or any school. But if it’s in your computer file, then He brings it up, this is the answer for this, then you have a guide now what to do for the day.

BITS:  How did you end up heading 700 Club?
(KI):   In 2006, 700 Club asked me to head its production, to be producer, and host. Sabi ko (I said), “Lord, what now? He gave me John Chapter 4:34-36. He said, My food is to do the will of him who sent me… Do you not say, ‘four months more then the harvest’? I tell you, look around you and see! The harvest is ripe.” The rest of it talks about there are those who have sown and those who will reap. And then the joy will be shared by both the sower and the reaper. So what was God telling me? It’s a time to reap. People have labored many years to sow and now I’m appointing you to reap. I’m a reaper. When I joined 700 Club, it was already eleven years on the air so many people have shed blood, tears, and perspiration to sow into the ministry and then reap. When I first came in, 700 Club would receive calls from our Prayer Center from people praying to receive Christ. We used to be happy with ten people getting saved. On my second year, we had a new COO and one time we had only one [call] and then he emailed and questioned, “Kata, why is this figure only this? One salvation… Sandali lang, trabaho ko ba yon? Diba trabaho ng Holy Spirit yon? Sabi ko, (“Wait a minute, is that my job? Isn’t that Holy Spirit’s job?” I said) why am I being questioned?

“Can we do something about this?”

“Okay!” Siempre okay naman ako. (Of course, I said ok).  I don’t’ know yet what we’re gonna do.

“Can we agree on ten every evening?” Kasi (Because) ten is usually the best.

Ok I met my staff. “Let’s tweak this and that.”

And then on that week, Fifteen! … Twelve! … Nineteen people called and got saved!  Remember we agreed only on ten? Biglang nag-exceed! (Suddenly exceeded)

BITS: What’s the difference?
KI: Faith!   I’ll tell you the story! Wow!! O, twenty na ha (already)! Let’s agree on twenty. The Lord gave thirty-plus. Every time we set the bar high, The Lord exceeded. He delivers and exceeds. Ngayon (Now), up to a thousand a night get saved… Five hundred to a thousand. Sabi ko nga, I think luluhod na tayo, Lord, 2000 na ha? (I said we’re going to have to kneel, Lord, make it 2000 ok?)

It’s faith, also action… We are supposed to work. We are workers. There are things that you have to do, strategize, fix, so that people can be drawn. First of all, get a compelling story so people will watch and can be drawn, cause them to call so that we know that they got saved, that they prayed. Amazing! Kaya (that’s why) when people ask, “Do you like what you’re doing?” Absolutely! Kasi (Because) imagine ha, the thousands that are in heaven already! For me it’s a scorecard e, it’s a grade. Everytime… Chiching! Chiching! Chiching! Kasali ka do’n sa chiching na yon di ba (You took part in that Chiching, right)? Pag pasok mo sa (When you enter) heaven, “Yehey, thank you, nandito kami kasi tinulungan mo kami (Hurray! We are here because you helped us).” Hello, babalik pa ba ako sa ABS-CBN? I’m sorry pero hindi na, di ba? (Am I going back to the biggest network? No right?)

BITS:  You had no idea before?
KI: About this? Yeah! Di ba blind? O Sige Lord, Obey obey obey lang. O sige. Dito Ok Lord.  (It was just blind obedience. Wherever the Lord led, I just obeyed.)

Tapos every time magrereport yung Prayer Center, ilan… ilan…(Then every time the Prayer Center reports how many, how many) Yes!! Hallelujah! More Lord, more! Yes! People who get healed di ba (right)? People who are blessed… encouraged.

BITS:  Malu (Ortiz)was telling me that you gave her a word to encourage her while she was watching a 700 Club episode you hosted?
KI:  (Because) One thing kasi that 700 Club moves in is what we call the Word of Knowledge. It’s something that we pray for and The Lord reveals to us and then we release through the program. We don’t know where it’s going to go or who’s gonna receive it; that’s why we encourage people, “You just receive it by faith because the Lord really wants to heal. And sometimes there’s specific illnesses that people have and then suddenly The Lord courses it through us and then we release it. And people get healed. Without going to her [Malu] first ha. I was shocked myself that … alam mo ba nakapagpalakad na ako ng pilay? (Do you know that I’ve been used to make a lame person walk?)

BITS:  Through tv?
KI: Oo, na-shock din ako. I mean hindi ako (Yes, I get shocked, too.  I mean it’s not me. It was God)

BITS:  Yes, you were instrumental
KI:  Yeah! I didn’t even know kasi tumatawag sila sa Prayer Center so ifa-follow up namin sila, tatanungin. Nalaman ko may isa talaga, lalo na nung nakikita ko na, dinramatize na namin yung storya nila… Ininterview. Nanood daw syang tv, tapos nag pray daw ako. Sabi nya, hindi ka makalakad. Baluktot yung paa mo. Sabi ni Lord iderecho mo raw tapos tumayo ka, maglakad ka. Ginawa nga nya. Lakad sya. Tapos may isang prayer ako no’n, parati kong nakikita na ang daming nabuntis. Isang prayer lang, “Maraming barren women ngayon nanonood. Sabi ni Lord maniwala kayo. Mabubuntis kayo this year. (because they call the Prayer Center so we follow them up. They are asked.  I find out… there really was one, I saw it, their story was dramatized. They were interviewed.  They were watching TV and then according to them, I prayed.  I said on the air, “You can’t walk. Your feet are twisted. God said, ‘Straighten them and then stand up. Walk.'”  He really did it.  He walked.  And then one time, I would repeatedly see many getting pregnant.  Just one prayer:  “Many barren women now watching, God is telling you, believe, you will get pregnant this year.”)  At least three for that particular one prayer only. And they call.

It’s their faith. You have to believe it. You won’t receive it if you don’t believe it. No matter what you release, what you say, if it’s not received in faith, it will not happen. Ako nasha-shock kasi siyempre Yay! Sabi ko, it works pala talaga. (I get shocked of course, Hurray. I tell myself, it really does work!).  But you see, you also have to move in faith. Prior to that, I was afraid of doing that. How does it work? You pray, ask. “Lord,  how do You want me to minister to these people?” He will answer you. “How, Lord? How do you want? What is Your Word for them? Noong una nakikita ko word. Halimbawa (At first, I see a word. For example) “lungs”, “bleeding”.  Word kasi (because) I operate in the word. That’s my business that’s my language or my learning ability. But I pray, “Lord, I wanna see.” So lately, nakikita ko na sya. Yung tao umiiyak. Minsan nagpapareho. Minsan nakita ko tapos pag pinapagpray ni Peter [Kairuz, President and CEO of CBN Asia], nakuha rin nya (I see the vision. The person crying.  Sometimes it matches.  Sometimes I got the vision and when Peter prays, he got it too.)

BITS: Sabay kayo? (You and he got it at the same time?)
KI:  Yes, God also gives it to him.

BITS:  Is your program also shown abroad?
KI: Yes it is playing abroad in GMA Pinoy TV. We get a lot of calls from OFW’s and then we also have a webcast so it’s also on the web.
BITS:  Whats the website?

KI: Www.cbnasia.org/mediacenter so you can access the programs.

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  1. Continue to become inspiration. Me too, I been Christian for one year na and I’m still in the process, I still need to surrender everything to God and let Him be the driver of my life, there are changes but because of my stubborness… Problems are encountered along the way, your write ups makes me feel understand how it was? Continue to share the Goodness of the Lord… God bless you…

    1. Dear Maverine, you made the right decision to surrender your life to Christ. He will be faithful to complete the good work He began in you (Phil 1:6). He is interceding for you to do the right thing and be more than a conqueror (Rom 8:34). The Holy Spirit intercedes for you in your weakness (Rom 8:26-29). Praying we run our race to a victorious finish!

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