Dawn Urquico: Witness of Radical Obedience

An amazing, powerful testimony by Dawn Urquico that you can’t miss at 48:30

On the Sunday when I watched this service on livestream from my computer, I was stunned upon hearing Dawn Urquico tell her story of what she experienced, and even more stunned at her response to her situation. This story haunted and challenged me for days.

I joined the church Fast and Prayer Week, beginning on that Sunday, hoping that God would give me a spiritual breakthrough and a clear revelation of His will. But the next day, my nose started running profusely. I researched if I could continue my food fast even with a cold. It is not recommended as the body needs nutrients to feed its self-healing function. It gave me the idea to intentionally fast from anger instead of food.

I maintained listening to the nightly prayers via livestream but on Wednesday, my helper told me about her back problem. I tried to encourage her to be prayed over at the church so I accompanied her. I looked downward and closed my eyes to minimize eye contact and socialization. But while I waited for my helper to be prayed over, I very briefly looked up and saw a familiar beautiful face wearing my favorite blue color. It was Mia Urquico. Taking note of the last names, I asked her, “Do you know Pastor Danny Urquico?” She said, “He’s my brother.” I was shocked that their relationship was that close. I told her that I heard Dawn Urquico’s testimony and “gusto ko sana syang makausap para tanungin kung ba’t di pa niya napatay yung asawa niya.” (wanted to talk to her to find out how come she hadn’t killed her husband). I said it half-jokingly, half bewilderedly. I had heard Pastor Danny preach for some time before I heard Dawn speak so I regarded him in the context of being a pastor. So I knew of the transformed Pastor Danny but I was bewildered at this woman I heard, wondering how on earth did she overcome her unbearable circumstances. Many women in similar circumstances might find themselves in a When Harry Met Sally Meg Ryan in the cafe scene when they said, “I’ll have what she’s having.” I knew it would have something to do with God. But how?

Mia laughed. She said she was the sister-in-law who invited Dawn to the Bible Study. She said that even if she herself was Pastor Danny’s sister, she tried to convince Dawn to leave him because she didn’t think there was any hope for change. But Dawn was stubborn in her faith. I asked Mia if she could ask Dawn if I could talk to her. Long story short, I texted Dawn who agreed to meet with me the next week.

I asked permission to bring more friends who might be encouraged by what she has to say. Dawn agreed. Two out of six friends came with me. When Dawn lovingly and patiently talked to us, she underscored that fact that while her husband was enjoying his life doing what he was doing at that time, she was enjoying her life with God. The most striking message impressed upon me by God was LOVE and FORGIVENESS (no matter what). Such a tall order. Sigh! But here was a live three-dimensional example of a woman who had radical faith to radically obey God despite the sacrifice. What a challenge. And what an amazing witness that NOTHING IS TOO DIFFICULT FOR GOD. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.

This godly woman’s obedience and waiting upon the Lord to act in His way and time; God’s faithful response, sort of like a text back with a positive answer; the transformation that happened in the life of Pastor Danny, in their marriage, and in their family…these are sources of tangible hope. Yes, God is faithful. Yes, God is a Promise Keeper. But if Dawn had not obeyed, she and we would have missed out on witnessing who You are and Your almighty hand. To the many lives that have been impacted for the Lord because of the change in Pastor Danny’s life, in his immediate sphere of influence, the youth he served, in the church he served, and now to all the others who hear of what God has done, they are a city on a hill shining for Christ.

Lord, I thank You for the life of Dawn, for Mia who invited her to learn more about You and Your Word, for the care group who encouraged Dawn to keep on keeping on, who prayed with and for her through the lowest times of her life. Thank You for Your mighty work in her life to give her that radical faith, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to obey You at all costs. Thank You for Your mighty work in Pastor Danny’s life, the transformation that confirms You are alive and at work. Thank You for their boldness to share this story with us. Thank You for the hope You give through real men and women like them to encourage us in our walk with You when we think that circumstances are unbearable. Lord I pray for Your almighty protection for their family and witness. Guard them by the blood of Jesus Christ to keep walking in victory from glory to glory. Give me the same radical faith which only You can give. I pray for the same healing of the past, of the generational sins, of spiritual torment, of a divided mind, and a rescue from the bondage of sin and the enemy for all people in Jesus’s name Amen

Follow-up Interview with Dawn Urquico:

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  1. H Dy says:

    No link

    1. Thank you for your comment, H. The testimony is within the featured video message “Invitation to Fasting”. The testimony starts at the time 48:30. Please let me know if you have difficulty seeing it?

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