Q and A with a Woman Who’s Been There and Done That: Dawn Urquico

Here is a previous post on Dawn Urquico’s testimony of radical obedience, waiting for her then-prodigal husband who has since returned home and become a pastor:


Gracious Dawn agreed to be interviewed. Sharing her answers with you:

1. How did you know that it is God’s will for your marriage to be restored?
Is my suffering part of God’s will?

2. What encouragement can you give a woman who is undergoing what you went through (marriage problem)?

Why did you say “I thank God for breaking me”?

What man-made solutions do you recommend that a suffering wife NOT do? Why?

3. Can you tell every wife suffering to wait expectantly on the Lord?

How long did you pray for your husband?

4. How did you know that you weren’t meant to have a new husband?
How did you endure unbearable circumstances?
How did you pray for your situation?

5. Were you steadfast 100% of the time? Faith unwavering for marriage restoration?

6. How did you explain the situation to your children?

7. What is your encouragement for those who are forced to be single mothers?

8. How do you know that God is not just an imaginary friend?

9. How do you handle jealousy?

10. How do you handle anger?

11. What if there is domestic violence (addictions or other grave problems)?

12. What to expect when God sends the prodigal home…

13.How long has it been since your marriage restoration? What has it been like?

14. When God brings back a prodigal spouse home, what’s next?

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  1. may joy de mesa says:

    hi po! kung nagbibigay pa rin ng spiritual council si dawn urquico. gusto po talaga yung testimony about restoration of her marriage. thank you po sa condideration.

    1. Dear Mary Joy, Please try these contact info to reach Dawn: CCF TAYTAY
      4f Manila East Arcade
      Rizal Avenue corner Manila East Road
      San Juan, Taytay, Rizal
      Tel. No.: +63 (2) 2340704
      Email: ccftaytay@gmail.com
      God bless you and your family!

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