Anthony Pangilinan: 5M’s to Lead Your Family to The Lord

(Extension of Fathers’ Inspirational stories for Fathers‘ Month of June)

When I chanced upon the Instagram account of Universal Records’ new artist, Donny Pangilinan, I noticed his tagline says, “Glory is all His.” I found a music video  among his recent posts; in it, I recognized Hannah Pangilinan [who was just at my shop last week… I didn’t know she sings!!!!!] and was delighted to discover it was Hillsong’s worship song, “What A Beautiful Name!

donny pangilinan music video

I looked up Hannah and saw her IG tagline, Romans 10:9.  I also met Ella Pangilinan the other night and she told me that she would have been at the first Nika Diwa afternoon tea at the shop had she not have a meeting coordinating donations of food and security for Called to Rescue (a nonprofit organization that helps rescue children from sex trafficking and abuse).

Hannah (L) and Ella Pangilinan (R)

I was moved to consider God’s awesome craftsmanship in these young, beautiful, talented people who responded with unabashed declaration of faith as they continue to do fun things that young people do!

I asked their father, Anthony Pangilinan, if all his children love the Lord and he said, “Yes, they do. But they occasionally forget their First Love, too, just like me and you! Thank God – because of Christ – it is He who loves them so!

Anthony and his wife— timelessly gorgeous, multi-hyphenate, multi-awarded actress, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan— have been known to be godly parenting mentors.

With the influence that they and their children have, I realize that their family is like a city on a hill, a showcase of what a family that loves God looks like, glorifying Jesus as they go about their business.

anthony all kids 2anthony maricel all kids

I asked the padre de familia, Anthony Pangilinan, if he could share some tips for fathers to lead their families to the Lord.

5 M’s TO LEAD YOUR FAMILY TO AND IN THE LORD by Anthony Pangilinan:

I apply John Maxwell’s 5 Steps to Reproduce Leaders to parenthood!


(I should do it myself!). No going around this. I must follow God as both Lord and Savior every day of my life. “Children learn more by observation than instruction.” And I must be humble enough to confess and apologize when I mess up! (which is more than infrequent!)


(I should deliberately choose to mentor and coach my kids!) I choose to prioritize them —my wife and then my kids at the top of my list in terms of who to teach and show the grace of God in people’s lives. I publicly express that after God, family comes first before business, church activities, and friends. Whether or not they take my offer, I always make it known to them that am always there to guide them as needed.


(As they seek to follow the Lord, I’m with them.) This is the hand-holding process. They will have amazing times in the mountain peaks but they will experience disappointment in the valleys. And they, just like I, will mess up. There may be times (or periods) when they (just like I) completely veer away. This is “living it out”- at home, in church, on vacation, in school – and this takes the longest. Don’t give up!


(They follow the Lord directly.) This is when I choose to step back (or sometimes I can’t keep up with them when they move forward)! They must walk on their own and proceed on their own journey while I must carry on with mine. I can be called and consulted when they need me. Such is the circle of life!


(They follow the Lord and someone else is now following them!) The glorious reproduction of a first follower! This is the best part… when I see my children mentoring others and we see the growth of God’s kingdom on earth. Still struggling mind you, still messing up occasionally, but certainly being transformed and transforming others in the Lord along the way.


Anthony Pangilinan is Chairman of Businessworks, Inc., a key player in both the management training and media industry in the country today.  His official title is “Chief Disturber.”

Chief Disturber? You might ask.  Anthony explains:

“We can’t change people nor institutions, not even one person or your own child. Change comes from within. But we can disturb. We can motivate, challenge, even upset! “Disturbances to a good heart”, a mentor once said, “lead to positive change.” So, to disturb, and to do it well, is a noble pursuit!”

Anthony is also a Certified Trainer and Trainer of Trainers for John Maxwell in the Philippines. For five  years, he hosted a Change Management program called Magbago Tayo over TV5 and currently hosts CNN Philippines‘ premier business show, The Boardroom. He is a multi-platform communicator and facilitator, engaging in workshops, events, tri-media, social media, and publications in sharing his message of collective and individual change. He has conducted hundreds of change management initiatives in over 70 countries in a span of 25 years.  As part of his various advocacies, Anthony is Philippine OIC of Called to Rescue (an anti-human trafficking organization) and an “Angelpreneur” for Gonegosyo (a movement committed to the promotion and development of entrepreneurship nationwide).  He holds an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration in two institutions, INSEAD (In-Si-Yad) University in France and Tsinghua University in Beijing.  He is also a book author, social media Influencer, Ironman, completer of the 6 World Marathon Majors, father of 5 and husband of 1.


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