Money Matters- Ptr. Joby Soriano

My usually serene friend, Steph, humorously described to me an ad for the Money Matters seminar.  It was an actor’s son and a director’s father who starred as a nunchuk-wielding protagonist:

I got such a kick out of Steph’s description that I looked up the ad…then acted it out for my friend, Edith.  I made Edith giggle so much that she agreed to come.  By God’s grace, neither Edith nor I have starved but we both thought it would be a good opportunity for us to gain insight because sometimes women come to us for counsel regarding money matters.  Little did we know that we would be the ones so blessed.


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November 15, 2014 at CCF Alabang, Pastor Joby and Cindy wove their personal experiences of past foolish choices which led to gaining wisdom and blessing when they used God’s principles on money.

Money is not the root of evil.  Love of money is.  

The most important take-home for me: God is Controller, Owner, and Provider.  Sounds simple.  Yet such a broad impact so liberating.

After a huge typhoon very quickly flooded the first floor of their house in Magallanes, ruining almost everything including their vehicle, the young Soriano family had no immediate refuge to go to.  Their very young daughter happened to sit on their swing so sadly. The neighbour happened to see her and asked why she was so sad. She said, “We have no more home.”  The neighbour, single brothers, who didn’t know the Sorianos prior were so moved that they asked their mother if they could move out of that house so that the almost-homeless family next door could move in.  Those many, many God-orchestrated incidents, along with the story of The Two Paintings which you should hear, are examples of how God provides for His children.

Speaking from his own experience with finance-driven depression, betrayal, feeling used and abused, struggle with uncertain future, sulking, anger, bitterness, and blame towards God, Pastor Joby and Cindy remembered what they learned…. Who’s The Owner of everything? Who’s The Controller of everything? Who’s The Provider of all our needs?  “God, Joby, God,” (Pastor reminded himself).  They asked for wisdom on what to do next.  God gave them wisdom on putting up a small business with the little money they had left.   The company grew so huge that Pastor Joby earned more money doing that business than he would have earned being president of the company that fired him wrongfully.  And he got the bonus of his kids finally seeing him around for a change because he had more free time.

His encouragement for those still in struggle:

Friends I don’t know the depth of your debt, of your struggle, crisis, marriage but God knows.  This is where you have to say, “Lord, I’m struggling but I know that You are greater than my problems and I’m gonna give it to You.”  Seek His wisdom. Seriously get your heart right with God.  You’ll find that direction that will put you on the right path… I pray God would take the lessons we learned here to our hearts and truly make these come alive.  Help us, Father to apply each of these rules one by one in our lives that we can complete them and live according to Your perfect design. For those who are struggling, for those who are hurting deep down inside with so many financial issues, would You give them peace, rest, and assurance that it is not over… that the answers to their desires and questions are yet to be given to them.  May they never give up.  May you hold on to the Lord and seek counsel. Brother/sister I know that God has a wonderful plan for your life.  Lord, would You continuously pour Your favour and blessing upon them with Your wisdom and knowledge.  We commit their lives to You in Jesus’s name amen.

The next time this seminar is offered, try and attend it!  Why? Because to God,  stewardship of money matters.

P.S. Brilliant ad, Jake Soriano!

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