Fashion Talk with Nika Diwa

It occurred to me that Nika Diwa’s name was derived from manika (“Doll” in Tagalog) because she looks just like one.  Actually, her parents named her Dominique.

It has been such a joy to be around her these last few days and get inspired with her stories — funny, authentic, raw, vulnerable, intelligent, inspiring.  She herself is a story that needs to be shared!

She could be my daughter… if I gave birth at age six (just kidding!!) I mean she is almost half my age but I’m so enjoying learning from her. Her first visit to the shop last year touched my heart and struck my longing for a baby girl. (I’m going to ask her mom if I could adopt for a few more days!)  That time, I knew she had a speaking engagement on Fashion but my schedule did not work out.  So when a couple months ago, she messaged me that she was coming back to Manila and thought Karen’s Kitchen would be a perfect venue for her talk, I immediately loved the plan!

Doll-like petite Nika is the brilliant, dynamic, passionate, high-fashion corporate executive-turned-fashion blogger behind who through her blog and talks, seeks to ignite and empower women with a revelation of their worth.

Last Tuesday, Nika had the first of two sessions of Fashion Talk at Karen’s Kitchen!

Afternoon Tea was served:




Aside from practical tips on styling, accessorizing, looking for flattering options for individual body types, a deeper look into the root of fashion, and a Q&A portion “until the last guest left,” Nika and her husband Emeka Ihedigbo also shared about their advocacy in Reveal Beauty (he as Director, and she as spokesperson) a non-profit organization that “aims to foster uplifting experiences for women survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking.”


The camaraderie among the attendees that followed was precious.


The second Fashion Talk with Nika Diwa at Karen’s Kitchen will be on Saturday, July 1 at 2:30pm. Again, Nika is looking forward to engage with the attendees “until the last guest leaves!”

Be inspired, be encouraged! Learn to love and style the body type you have! Know your worth! These and more at a fun Afternoon Tea! Take someone you love!

There are limited slots available so make your reservation today! 🙂


For those who didn’t catch Nika’s radio guesting with Miss Haydee Sampang and Bishop Jonel Millan at 702 DZAS Family Matters, please click HERE to hear/ see the replay:

Upcoming features on Solar TV and CBN Asia’s 700 Club to follow!


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