Gift of Fragrance

This beautiful gift of Talesfromtheheart‘s Jane Go from Korea is so chic: a Granhand Marine Vacth Fabric Spray with my name inscribed at the bottom of the label.

img_7767My name inscribed on the linen label made it so special because it expressed the deliberate intention of my friend to give this gift just for me.

The product brochure shows that this fabric spray would be good against:

  • bacteria (in the context of something that can cause infection)
  • static (in the context of the electrical charge that jolts you when certain types of materials are rubbed)
  • odor (in the context of a distinctive, unpleasant smell).


The product description reminded me about God’s calling for us, His children to be the aroma of Jesus in our ways and words. These past few weeks, I’ve come to the realization that so much clutter had bumped off that calling from top-of-mind.

In quiet moments, I reflect…

  • What have I prioritized over Jesus? My deadlines? My circumstances? Persons? Being right? Being heard? Being in control?
  • What was so important that made me forget to trust that God is good, He is in charge, He has the best plan for my life which has been in place before I was born?
  • What feelings were so overwhelming that they overrode my faith and love for Jesus?
  • What were these things that made me react differently from the Christlike character of Jesus?

My list is quite long.  Do you have your own list, too?

I realize how helpless and hopeless I am to give off the aroma of Jesus apart from my submitting myself to Him.  Moment by moment.

Lord, thank You for Your reminder that I need You constantly, that I need to submit myself to Your will. Your word and You are like Jane’s fragrance spray gift:

  • specially intended for Your child 
  • good against the hindrances and wrong thoughts, wrong words, wrong attitudes that cause infection/ corruption in our spirit
  • good against the things that jolt us
  • good against the distinctive selfish, faithless unpleasant smell  different from Your Spirit. Thank You that You are not a God who condemns but a God who saves and redeems and makes us new moment by moment to be more like You.  Please help us progressively get rid of our old ways that are contrary to Yours and make us more like You.  We know You are always there but please sharpen our eyes towards Your presence that You would stand out amidst everything around us in Jesus’s name amen.img_8639




L-R: Leah Dy, Jane Go, Rica de Jesus, Me at Toccare Spa, Makati

L-R: Me, Rica de Jesus, Jane Go, Mich Ramos at Neil’s Kitchen, Alabang

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  1. Jane Go says:

    As always, you are inspiring my dearest Karen. God continues to use you for His glory, and in the process, He makes His light to shine upon you. You are so beautiful inside & out. I hope & pray that I get many more opportunities to spend time with you & have fellowship. Love you dearly!! :-*

    1. Dearest Jane, I am the one more blessed by you. You are a sweet beautiful channel of God’s blessings, compassion, kindness, and love as you share joy, laughter, friendship with me and others. I thank God for you and appreciate you very much! Love you!

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