The metamorphosis of a butterfly reminds me of the seasons of growing, waiting, and becoming new in Christ. This started as an anonymous blog in 2011 until September 2015 when it was time to come out.

Many times I thought of closing this blog but God put in my heart through His word and through my faith family that even if only one person got directed to this site… if that was you and you were in a passing season of pain, if you saw

…the sure hope you have in God

…that you are not alone

…that circumstances change but God does not

…that in all things (even the bad and ugly) God works for the good of those who love Him

if the Word shared here ministered to you, then it would be worth keeping this site open… because I know the feeling of when victory constitutes just being able to get up and put one foot in front of the other…

My prayer is that God would use the testimonies (His story in people’s lives), prayers, praise songs, and best of all… Scripture shared here, (specially from the first four years of this blog) to give you encouragement regardless of what form your passing valley takes.  There are stories here of people who have been through cancer, losing a home, losing the child they waited for, losing their career or a spouse, etc. but they have overcome.  Through the power of His Word, our only offensive weapon in the spiritual battles we face (Eph 6:17), may you be strengthened, uplifted, equipped. May you come to know Him in a more intimate way as your personal Savior, Healer, Lover of your soul, Provider, Protector, Restorer, Rebuilder, Deliverer, Comforter, and All-knowing Almighty Ever-present Helper for any situation you face. He will turn your mourning into joy.

By God’s grace, He has taken me through a journey of healing and now through a journey of growing and sharing. Here I am, a perpetual work-in-progress now sharing my adventure as I fumble my way as a child of God, wife, mother, businesswoman/ entrepreneur, boss, baker, cook, lifelong learner, occasional singer, writer, and an aspiring dancer seeking to be His aroma, not mine.

I also like to share with you posts that encourage faith. Mine and yours.  Thanks for stopping by!



pupa to butterfly

orange butterfly


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lee weng kwong says:

    Wonderful and insightful website. God Bless!

    1. praise God! this website is fruit of His grace. thank you for your encouragement! God bless you according to Eph 3:20!

  2. loren lee says:

    Hi i stumbled on your blog while reading the review on your restaurant by our awesome planet.

    I just want to say thank you for writting your walk with Christ and putting it out in public. I have only read an entry or two but your entries have already become an inspiration. I thank God for leading me to your site. More power to you, all glory and praises to our Lord Jesus Christ.


    1. Dear Loren, I praise God for the inspiration that this journey gave you. I wrote it thinking I was anonymous and I’m still adjusting to being completely out. What I don’t want it to be is a record of wrongs of others. What I would like it to be is a picture of hope that if someone goes through a season of being in the pit, Jesus is alive, available, and accessible to walk her out of that pit. Had it not been for Christ, I would have gotten lost in my pit so I would like to keep this blog available to share Him and the Word that continues to transform even if imperfectly in utter baby steps from the dark to the light. Thank you so much for your encouragement that the blog causes praises for Jesus Christ alone. I hope to meet you one day. ps this is the first writing I have done here since I was officially named. 🙂

      1. loren lee says:

        Hi Karen 🙂

        Just saw this reply today:) I pray that He continues to provide you wisdom as you write about your life in Him. May this blog cause more people to see His goodness and mercy as we go through similar patterns of trials and triumphs for our Lord Jesus Christ:)

        Hoping we can visit Karen’s Kitchen soon! Hihi 🙂 God bless you!

      2. Amen and amen! I like what you call “similar patterns of trials and triumphs for our Lord Jesus Christ”! may He be praised as His goodness and mercy become evident!! Yes hope to see you at KK soon!! 🙂

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