The Power of Words: Kuh Ledesma

When I was a teenager, Kuh Ledesma was the only diva I knew of.  Always classy, elegant, and sophisticated, she is  a multi-awarded stellar singer in the Philippines spanning thirty-five years (and counting) and over a thousand concerts around the world.  She is also an actress, painter, fashion designer, businesswoman, and mother to singer, Isabella Gonzalez.

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On this Wednesday morning, she came simply to share about her life and the Power of Words.  Before she began, she walked to the corner of the room to talk to the house help who were sitting behind some of the ladies in the room.  In a kind voice, she asked them to pull their chairs forward so they can hear her better because “importante itong sasabihin ko sa inyo” (What I’m going to say is important).  She spoke in Taglish but here is the English translation of excerpts from her talk:

“I thank God that He allowed that very painful experience in my life.  He has called me several times in my life to come to Him but it was only then when my face was down on the floor in utter pain, when I was like a dead person walking, feeling betrayed from the pain of becoming separated from my husband that I truly committed myself to God.  Months later I realised, “Lord, You really allowed it so that finally I will come to You. There’s no turning back anymore.  I had received Jesus three times before but at that time, my priority was still my career.  When we make other things our priority, whether it’s our husband, children, career, material things, there’s no depth in our knowledge of God.  Our number one treasure above all things is the Word of God.

That’s why in Hosea 4:6, it says, “My people perish from lack of knowledge.”  In other translations, “destroyed”.

Take note it says, “My people”.  It’s easy for us to accept God because we believe that Jesus died for our sins and we want to go to heaven but our commitment to learn the Bible is lukewarm, we get carried away by the world’s thinking that God’s Word doesn’t matter.

The truth is I wouldn’t be sitting here caring to share with you what I know if God has not transformed my life through His Word.

When we do not open our bibles, we are only filling our physical bodies, our bellies get big, but our hearts and minds are famished for spiritual feeding.  Why do we feel empty, angry, hateful, why do we pray  for people to die? Because it’s a spiritual matter. How can we follow Jesus or call ourselves Christians if we do not know what Jesus did and said through the Bible? A Christian is a disciple of Christ.   Even if a person is lame, he can have joy and be fully alive as fruit of the Holy Spirit.

I once saw a sign that said, “Asking is the rule of The Kingdom.”  When we ask God according to His will, He will grant that.  How can we ask when we don’t read His will as written in His Word?

It’s a long process to be moulded by God that’s why I encourage my friends to receive Jesus Christ.  There’s still the process of falling, His discipline on us as He shapes us.

Challenges come whether you’re a Christian or not. I ask my friends, “Would you like to face your challenges alone or with The God of The Impossible with you and you are thisclose with Him?

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She went on to share that it is very important to declare LIFE words, edifying words, in alignment with God’s Word and will instead of DEATH words that tear down, that agree with the lies of the enemy, who comes ONLY to steal, kill and destroy.

This is the central verse of her talk on The Power of Words:

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Photo from Flicker
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Photo from this site

Dear Lord, Thank You for the passion that You gave Kuh to share Your Word.  Thank You for her life.  Thank You for Your grace manifested in her.  Thank You for Your reminder through her the care we must take for every word we say, that they be worthy as we will account for every idle word we say.  By our words we will be acquitted, by our words we will be condemned. Please empower us to seek and know Your Word so we would know Your will, we would know how to align our prayers to Your will, we would know what words are edifying to keep in our vocabulary and which words are from the enemy which we should stay away from.  Thank You that Your Word is available to us and we have the freedom to read it in Jesus’s name amen.

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