Only To Steal, Kill, and Destroy

It was only when Kuh Ledesma pointed out the word “Only” in John 10:10 that I noticed it was there. I mean I’m sure I saw it before but sometimes getting familiar with verses makes the details blend. (That’s why it’s good to study and review!)

John 10:10a The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy

The traps set for us by Satan have the sole purpose of stealing, killing, and destroying.  When I think Satan has any good purpose, any other purpose than to destroy, that’s when I reconsider entertaining those temptations… when I try to assess what possible benefits the baits have, when I work my way towards justifying what’s in the trap.

When I trust in self or am unaware, lingering longer than necessary as espiritus ignoramus deadmeatus that’s when I am likely to walk into Satan’s booby traps that are meant to take me captive to do his will.

Photo from this site
Photo from this site

Lord, please sharpen my discernment of Your will.  Please help me to know what is from You and what is not from You.  Please protect me from enemy traps and snares.  Guard my eyes and my heart that I may not linger in enemy territory. Please help me to flee from temptations and run for spiritual cover.  Help me to be transparent and bring everything to the light. Help me to sense that wanting to hide something could be a sign that I am not confident when something is not of You.  Give me Your Spirit that I may be aligned with Your will and walk in step with You as a child of light and truth, not darkness and lies. I ask these in Jesus’s name and for His glory amen.

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