Butchart Gardens Afternoon Tea at the Dining Room

The original family home of Robert Pim Butchart and his wife, Jennie, has been converted into The  Dining Room where you can enjoy afternoon tea or meals.

img_6230Set in the Butchart Gardens, now a National Historic Site of Canada, The Dining Room is where the family used to live…

…and the adjacent Rose Garden used to be the family’s kitchen vegetable garden.




The interiors are traditional and homey in a soft sage green:

From the patio where Lisa and I had our Afternoon Tea, we had a picturesque view of the Italian Garden, the Private Garden, with the stunning backdrop of the Tod Inlet waters amidst an azure sky.  My dream setting for afternoon tea is amidst spectacular gardens and I realized this is it! Photos can not do justice to the actual view.

img_6854It’s hard to think that this used to be a bare piece of land.  The work of Jennie Butchart with her garden consultants and suppliers transformed it into a magnificent real live storybook picture you walk into… like life that can start out bare but God can take dirt, emptiness, barrenness, and nothingness and transform it into something awesome.

Our food came.

The English Trifle to start off our Afternoon Tea was a perfect Dessert-comes-first surprise.img_6319-1The sandwiches had varieties of breads and flavors.  The selection was hearty and filling.


Here’s the description of the menu:


I would love to be able to come back here to try the meal next time. All the food that got paraded before us on their way to our neighbors’ tables whispered “Eat Me!”







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