BOOK: When A Good God Allows Rape by Joy Tan-chi Mendoza

Yesterday, my decorator, Joi Cutter came by the shop and before she left, lent me her book, When a Good God Allows Rape.

when a good God allows rape

Can a million broken pieces be mended? 

I couldn’t put the book down this morning and just read it in one go. Tears couldn’t stop flowing as I journeyed with Joy back to the time of the rape, at the reality of how evil ruins what is good.  But the tears flowed more on the journey back from the ruins through the higher reality of grace and the overwhelmingly conquering (I’m taking note on the NKJV translation of Rom 8:35 and 37 on p. 95) healing God provides in tragic circumstances.

“The decision to share openly about what happened… marked the beginning of our journey towards healing… We were also of the same mind that “bringing things into the light” would weaken the capacity of the devil to use this tragedy against us. God had allowed the hedge of safety to be opened, but we didn’t want the evil one to claim victory over us.” – Joy Tan-chi, When A Good God Allows Rape

This book sheds light on the struggles and emotions that rape survivors and their loved ones go through.  It points to rape but it can provide hope, comfort, and healing to anyone who has been through any kind of trauma or tragedy; such occurrences open up crossroads of choices that lead to divergent ends. The book shares key decisions that Joy and her friends and their families chose which helped them to move on and with victory. 

So, can a million broken pieces be mended?  Joy’s life is proof it is possible. 

I asked Joy what the photo on the cover means and this is her explanation:

The two hands are symbolic of God’s sovereignty. He remains in control no matter what is going on in our lives.

This book is published by OMF Literature and is available at their bookstores.

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