Ikaw Na Ang Maganda

Malu Tiongson-Ortiz invited me to guest with her at CCF Marikina yesterday for the IKAW NA ANG MAGANDA Event, the name coming from Malu’s OMF#1 bestsellingbook of the same title.

Thanks to Waze, my friend Ann Dy and I made it to the venue quickly!

The line was already long for Malu to sign her book.
Aileen was one of 450 women who signed up for this event!
The stage was well set for Christmas! And Malu and I unintentionally matched the sofas exactly!
The praise and worship team did a great job of leading us into singing “Your Love Is Beautiful (Hillsong)” and “I Stand In Awe of You.” Indeed, the very praises in my heart.

Joy Tanchi shared her testimony.  I just read her book, When a Good God Allows Rape. I know the details but hearing it straight from her is just such a powerful not-to-be-missed story of God’s healing and restoration in brokenness.

I sang two songs, Blessings and Defying Gravity, Malu’s two favorites.

Malu and I discussed about makeup, inner and outer beauty, and women’s issues.

I had to get back to work and unfortunately missed the talk from Dra. Maria Rosario Sagrado-Luzod, MD, MHA on women’s health.

Malu did a makeup demo on five styles of makeup for the ladies. The event was supposed to end at 1pm but the ladies so enjoyed that they stayed on for almost another hour!

Sasa Felipe, Pastor Roy’s wife, was so glad that a lot of women came and were blessed!

It was an inspiring, relaxing, refreshing day of beauty.

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