Not-to-be-missed Joy Tanchi Mendoza Live Testimony

I’ve heard the story from her mom and dad.  I’ve watched the 700 club feature. I’ve read the book, When A Good God Allows Rape.  But it was different watching her speak live at the Ikaw Na Ang Maganda event at CCF Marikina yesterday.

Joy walked in wearing a short, elegant, floral duchess satin dress that looked like fresh spring.  She also looks like spring with flawless skin, beautiful long hair, a picture of feminine beauty, joy, and godly purity. Her voice is gentle yet confident.  She gets real and straightforward even while she talked of what was lost and broken.

She had to decide:

  1. Am I gonna keep following, loving, and trusting God who allowed this to happen to me?
  2. Will I forgive these people [who hurt me]?
  3. Will I talk about what happened to me?

In front of us, the picture is a restored whole person even as the process of healing continues throughout our lives; this is her now, post-tragedy, the spring abundant after winter gloom … an awesome living example of God’s restoration from ruins and brokenness.

If you find yourself or someone you love at a place of discouragement or devastation, this is a powerful encouragement for you:

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