When Truth Has Consequence

“What are you, Shaman King?” my son asked me.

[I was in the middle of something when a golden teachable moment came. My son mentioned to me a situation wherein telling the truth would mean that there would be a setback for him.

We encounter those sometimes… Like when we went on a campus tour trip to Boston a few years ago, our hotel bill got slipped under the door on checkout day and I noticed that they forgot to bill us for the extra trolley bed we used.

Telling the truth to the front desk officer would inconveniently mean additional $30 per night on our bill which we could perhaps use for some ice cream or whatnot. But I had this conversation with the Lord, “Lord, following You is more important to me than pocketing $30 per night. Because You are most important to me. You can easily give me a hundredfold of that amount and You can easily also take away a hundredfold of that amount. I don’t want to profit wrongly and shortchange myself of the blessing of being in Your will.”

I can’t remember exactly how or when the Lord rewarded me for that act of obedience but I know that I feel a million times richer and more joyful and more blessed today than I did at that time not just moneywise but in growth of inner being, healing, relationships, etc.

Best of all, by God’s grace, my sons saw an example of telling the truth even when it has a consequence.

I just now belatedly recalled that after telling front desk about the unbilled trolley bed, the lady told me it was ok, the trolley bed would be complimentary! God was going to give me the freebie but He blessed me with a clear conscience as well! In addition, we got a free train ride because we got on the last car of the train and even with our fare money ready to pay, we already had to get off but had no idea who to give it to.

I read what my fingers typed in a hurry:

“Always tell truth. It’s the simplest and most liberating of all choices. Sometimes truth has consequences but better kind than the consequences for lie. Truth also receives more mercy. Usually lies don’t.”

 I thank Holy Spirit for a way to promote truth without sounding like a lecturer. This time it’s sounding like a tv character.

Reminds me… oh I miss my sons .

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