Raisu, Vancouver

Cozy toasty blankets for this lanai.


You might miss the entrance if you weren’t looking for the address because the frontage Noren (Japanese curtain) is understated. (It’s beside the Apple Farm Market across Safeway).img_9710

From the same food group that gives you Suika, Raisu (Japanese word for “rice”) serves delicious Japanese food in the reliable authentic flavors but in tapas style presented with a contemporary flair in an urban ambience.

We had the Seafood Tartar (Freshly marinated seafood mix with 2 kinds of Tobiko and and Salmon Caviar), Deep Fried Shrimp with a creamy Japanese sauce, Tonkatsu Teishoku (“A magnificent piece of barley-fed ‘Omugi’ Premium pork crusted with house-made fresh coarse panic is deep-fried to perfection), and AAA Beef Steak Hitumabushi (rice served in sizzling stone bowl). All were delicious. I especially liked my order of the Seafood Tartar and Deep Fried Shrimp.  I find Vancouver servings to be huge so the appetizer portions are perfect for me.

This is one of the most refreshing versions of creme brûlée I’ve had. The citrusy, delightfully bordering-on-bitter grapefruit tone of the custard is garnished generously with fresh fruits.

Time is a sweet blessing and I’m so grateful for this lovely meal with my boys. Thank You,  Lord.

p.s. If you come here, please park on West 4th. I got a sixty dollar parking ticket for parking at the side street, not knowing that you needed a permit to do so. Lesson for me: genuinely love your kids but don’t follow everything they tell you because you are accountable for your own actions regardless of their opinions. Love you always and forever, boys!

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