Joe Fortes, Vancouver: Night and Day

The beloved and I enjoy walking and browsing as our form of exercise, aiming if possible for 20k steps per day. On our way to and fro, we kept passing by this restaurant, Joe Fortes, named after the legendary citizen of English Bay. Day or night, it was always lively.

Multiple awards are hung on the walls.

This is the story of the legendary English Bay swimmer, Joe Fortes, his story and how he inspired the name of this restaurant is cited on the menu:

Upstairs is a hall of photos of visiting celebrities like Zac Efron, Kevin Costner, someone who looks like Sam Elliott, and others.

The servings were generous; when shared, each portion is still very filling. The local oysters were so fresh. The lobster was perfect. The linguine was very flavorful.

The restaurant serves an interesting lobster oil which is paired with balsamic vinegar as a dip for the delicious bread. Our server, Johnny, said this bread I’m happy about was just their substitute bread since the holiday crowd wiped out their stocks; their regular bread is even better! I should like to try those.

Finally, I wanted to know why Oyster Crackers were called such when they don’t don’t have the faintest taste of oysters. Apparently, they were originally served with Oyster Stew and had a rough similarity to the oyster’s shape. The name hasn’t changed even though they usually accompany a wider range of soups and chowders now, specially clam chowder.  Speaking of which…the split portion here is still so big!

Our star servers who both happen to be Filipino! (Why am I not surprised that their Customer Service is excellent!) : Johnny (left) who is Kapampangan, and Nelson (right)

Our second visit was on a Sunday afternoon:

We tried their Mushroom Soup, Beet Burrata Salad, Fried B.C. (local British Columbia) Oysters with Tartar Sauce, Lobster Roll Sandwich, Calamari, Fish and Chips, and their lone dessert offering… the Coffee Cake.  The mushroom soup tastes rich and from scratch. The lobsters on the sandwich were generous. The Calamari is well-seasoned. The oysters were huge and the texture was nice and crisp. The fries that came with the fish and chips were sooo good.  My favorite dishes were the Beet Burrata Salad and the Calamari.

Food chronicles not just what was eaten on the table but the milestone of a special time of fellowship and sharing with who was at the table. I’m thankful for God’s goodness through these meals.

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