Osaka 24-Hour Eat Drink Walk

For a day of exploring food and drink around town, one must exercise a stronger determination to say no to the array of food on offer that comes with the room and just go for a light salad to start the day with.

This photo is just to appreciate the artwork on the wall. I didn’t have alcohol for breakfast 🙂

Where you won’t be required to have one food order per person, it helps you last the day’s food tour to order sampler servings for sharing (and your companion just order a drink) of the establishment’s best. Then you can still have room for trying out different food for the rest of the day.

Kuromon Market is a great stop for first-time visits to Osaka (and in our case, we like to come back here over and over again for fresh Ootoro Sashimi).  There is also a Wagyu Beef stand next to it. The freshly cooked seafood are as fresh as they get, too!

There is a wide range of food, seafood cooked fresh in front of you, drinks, fruits and vegetables, supermarket, chocolate and snack store, fabrics, Japanese traditional and other clothing, linens, coffee.  If you go to the big supermarket and need an English speaking staff, the lady in navy blue below, Chizuru, does! She will even let you leave the fruits and drinks you bought while you continue to look around the market.

If you are not very much into Sake, you might appreciate the Plum Wine with the least amount of alcohol. The supermarket where Chizuru works carries this. With a lot of ice, it is light and sweet.


Gram Cafe and Pancakes Shinsaibashi (near Daimaru Dept. Store entrance).  These fluffy pancakes will make other pancakes on your list pale.  When you pass by this cafe, let the host know you are interested to reserve a table as they have limited seating on their three seatings for the day. A new branch of Gram opened at Osaka Castle recently, too! 🙂

Doguyasuji at Namba Station has a lot of kitchen stuff together with some Japanese souvenirs.

SHORTCUT:  If you’re short on time, you can take the lace-lined taxi. The driver will open the door for you from his control panel.

Ichiba Sushi, Namba: This is the reason why I since haven’t enjoyed Sushi as much anywhere else.  The seafood will speak for themselves: fresh and firm, tasty, generous portions. And don’t cost an arm and leg.

Clue on how to get here: (If you’re standing between 0101 and Takashimaya, it’s the entryway with the Starbucks at the corner.

Upon entering from the Starbucks at the corner, it’s about the 5th or so establishment across from Starbucks.

OSAKA CASTLE is a nice stop even if you have been here on another time of year as it looks different from season to season.


Shinsekai (translated”New World”) is an old neighbourhood near Tennoji Zoo. When it was created in 1912, the model for its southern part was New York and for its northern part, Paris.  You can get a panoramic view of Osaka from the top of Tsutenkaku Tower.

There is a huge souvenir shop near the entrance:

There are many restaurants here although we just walked around.

Fish for your own dinner:

The Tennoji Zoo is just at the edge of Sinsekai:

img_1536Be informed that when you see little isolated dark end roads with red lights, that is exactly the district it leads too. That’s not part of the itinerary here.

Harijyu Sukiyakion Dotonbori (right beside Shochikuza Theater on the same street as the huge crab on Dotonbori, at the corner of Midosuji) will cook your Sukiyaki order in front of you.  If you are not so fond of too much marbled fat that makes you shudder and your eyes roll in their sockets, the first line of meat is already quite good.  (Pay no mind to the host’s off-colored joke about what kind of meat he will get for his girlfriend.)

Gastroteka Bimendi in Hommachi (For longer stays when you need a little break from Japanese cuisine, this restaurant offers delicious Spanish food.)

Hankyu Department Store Umeda Food Basement

A. Echire Butter – try to come before 3 pm so you can still try their killer cream puffs. The Butter Ice Cream is also very good.

B. Fresh Fruit Mochi: The fruits in season are premium select. The Mochi is light and not super sticky and not super sweet.

Creperie at 0101 Building, Namba (using Echire Butter)

San Roku Cheese Tart Shinsaibashi : light crust, very light textured filling but strong on cheese


Midosuji Street is a pleasant street to walk on. In early November, some of the Gingko trees lining the entire stretch already began to change color to yellow.

As it delights me to share the wonderful foodie discoveries I come across so that you may experience them too, so it does for me to share the food discoveries from the Word.

Matt 4:4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Bon Apetit!

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