Bacio Rosso

Bacio Rosso is dubbed as “Canada’s first Gourmet Cabaret Cirque.”   I loved the way an overall theme strung the different acts which seamlessly flowed from one to another.

For example, before dinner was served, servers were joined by kitchen staff in setting up and managing logistics or stage props among the audience. There are surprise twists and interactions that delight. The circus acts are world-class and worth every second of watching.  My favorite performances were the trapeze, juggler, pole trapeze, death-defying Spanish zapateos dance, and the singing.  There are other performers as well… good-natured and very talented.

For disclosure, please be informed that there are adult themes which some people may find offensive. [One example: a performer approaches someone from the audience and  erotically licks the latter’s eyeglasses. Throughout the evening, sexual innuendos were part of the host’s act.] Personally, I think the show would have been way better and more classy without the raunchy content which took away rather than added to the show. More people would have been able to enjoy the world-class circus talents of the performers.

The trapeze artists were scantily clad but did not come across as offensive. They were very artistic and beautiful in their performances.

Chef Adam Pegg of La Quercia prepared a nice dinner (You need to pre-order your meal choice when purchasing online tickets):  A choice of Pollo in Umido (chicken braised in olive oil),  Polenta al Funghi  (polenta and mushrooms), Rosticciata di Manzo (slow-cooked tender beef). There was a plate of charcuterie for appetizers (Pork Loin Tonnato, Pork Crackling [though soggy by the time we arrived], Pickled Vegetables, and Grissini) and  dessert of Lemon Cream with Strawberries.  (The Lemon Cream was slightly oily for the lips but had the right sweet-tart balance.)

All around the tent interiors were city names from around the world and I was happy to see my hometown:

The show is held at the circus tent at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park.

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