Christmas Program at London Heritage Farm

Heidi, her kids (MZ, MK, and MC), and I are singing Christmas carols for the visiting seniors at the lovely historic farm museum, London Heritage Farm’s tearoom.  (I signed up when Heidi and I came for scones a few days prior.)

Narbata is preparing the food in the kitchen.


The entertainment committee ensemble is getting ready:

Maureen serves tea.

Bart (below, in blue) says he’s 100 years, 1 month, and 7 days today, and “ready to dance!

Tea Time with Bonus Chopin’s “Tristesse” (to the tune of “No Other Love”) for the French lady.

Christmas Carols with message from Heidi: “How the story of Christmas began… God giving us a Savior, sending Jesus to save us from our sins.  If we believe in Jesus, we will be saved… will you receive the greatest gift ever given… this gift of hope: the promise of eternal life.”


L-R: Narbata, me, Maureen, Heidi




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  1. Ena says:

    Hi Heidi and Karen👋❤️❣️💕♥️🥰 . Thanks for all you do for our Lord! Both of you are a blessing to those around you. You have been a blessing to me all these years.

    Missing you both very much.
    May God continue to expand your territories for the glory of His name. In Jesus 🤴 name, Amen 🙏.

    More power👍

    1. Karen E. Young says:

      Dearest Ena how wonderful to hear from you! Thank you so much for your love and encouragement! You are a a blessing to me too!! Miss you and hope to see you soon! Amen to your prayer for His glory! Love you!

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