When Godly Parenting Looks Fruitless -Dr. Russell “Butch” Diwa

I could be president of Nika Diwa’s Fan Club.  Well, okay maybe with all the things I have to juggle, at least an avid member! I love what she’s doing and how she’s empowering women through fashion.

Her mention of a time of rebellion and this post below caught my attention:

nika diwadoll

I thought it would be very encouraging for parents to know that their children could have a time of rebellion but make their way back.  Knowing that Nika’s father is a pastor, I asked if he could give some words of wisdom to parents who may have invested their lives in raising their children in the ways of the Lord, believing that “A man reaps what he sows”  and then harvest fruit that is opposite of what they thought the natural results of their sowing would produce.

Ptr. Russell “Butch” Diwa has this to share:

When the Harvest from Sowing Godly Parenting Looks Fruitless

The Bible speaks of a kind of blessedness that emanates from sowing the proper seed in the lives of others. When the result of such endeavor yields nothing but thorns, especially as it pertains to rebellious children, a crisis of faith ensues. 

The experience of Christ as both Wonderful Counselor and Everlasting Father to His spiritual children is most instructive.

Christ came and served His own with the best possible parental nurture but the recipients ended up rejecting Him to the point of driving Him towards crucifixion.

The fruitless response, however, did not deter Christ, as dutiful father, to sustain His love toward the wayward children. He willed His love for them while they were yet in rebellion.

Due to the weight of His compassion for the lost … the incredible seed of the gospel remained potent.  

The faithless are yet given gracious opportunities to turn from their prodigal state and run back towards their father’s home.

Our calling is to become godly parents. We are not required to raise godly children for this is obviously beyond our control. Hopefully, just like the witness of Christ, our lives must continue to serve as a sanctifying agent for our wayward loved ones to find grace during their time of need.

img_8849I asked Ptr. Butch to explain why he said this and this is his reply:

As individual persons, we are granted the freedom to choose our own paths. We can choose to live as godly parents but we cannot choose for our children which path they’ll subscribe to. We can only guide, influence, and model for them, but the choice to live godly lives is their purview.

5 S’s for Godly Fatherhood  [Whether or not it seems to bear prompt, abundant, or the expected fruit]

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. -Proverbs 22:6 ESV

1) Study
Every child is created by God with a distinct uniqueness. Every father is called to assume the responsibility of devoting committed acuity in recognizing the wonderful design in each child. The embedded marks of a future scientist or a gifted musician are obviously evident to a devoted father who seeks to invest his time in carefully studying God’s craftsmanship in every child.

2) Support
A careful examination of every child’s distinct potential must be accompanied by unremitting support. The quality of nurture along the lines of the child’s uniqueness is most crucial. Every father is called to a stewardship of joining God towards facilitating what is best for every child. Best efforts must be leveraged towards the young.

3) Select
It is paramount to be selective in providing opportunities of growth for each child. The primary consideration ought to be the criteria of seeking God’s honor. The main thrust of every training should answer the question “will Christ receive the glory?”

4) Source
Amidst the plethora of approaches to parenting, the primary source should be God’s wise Word. This calls for a constant evaluation and editing of every father’s approach to their children. Every effort must be exerted to avoid imposing mere cultural or familial orientations in lieu of clear biblical principles.

5) Sustain
Every father is called to exemplify a sustained modeling of personal godliness. It is not his fair goal to raise a godly child for this is realistically beyond his control. His personal integrity is however within his purview. When the child observes this kind of sterling example, the magnetism of a true Christian father becomes most irresistible.

Dr. Russell Butch Diwa is Senior Pastor at The Biblical Community Church, Richardson, Texas.  From the Dallas Theological Seminary, he earned his doctorate in Ministry, PhD Studies in Bible Exposition, his Masters of Sacred Theology.  From Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS), he earned his Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Care & Counseling. Before that, he earned his AB Economics degree from San Beda College.  He is husband to lovely wife, Manel, and father to two dolls, Nika and Bianca.

He can be reached at his blogsite, www.russelldiwa.com.

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