Boogi Business Blessing

A few days ago, I received an email about the sale of this product from BOOGI:

boogi bisley.png

and that’s how I remembered that it has been a year since Felichi Buizon invited me to the blessing of the BOOGI Showroom in LRI.  It was a well-attended beautiful event with a special mini-concert from one of the role models of my youth, Gary V, hosted by the beautiful couple, Anthony and Maricel (Laxa) Pangilinan:

That is where I won, as First Prize at the Instagram contest, my now-favorite desk lamp when I submitted this photo entry of my designer friend, Joi Cutter:

Smooth Operator… Boogi Furniture’s Bisley Inner Space File Compactor is a space saving hideaway for slim friends #BOOGIandme @Boogiph #betterthanspanx @joiofdecorating

The product I won was a blue lamp (perfectly matching my eyeglasses that night). In our  Fifty Shades of Grace room theme, this prize is the only remembrance of my favorite color, blue.

I nicknamed it my Avatar Pixar Acrobat High-Five lamp because it can go way up high or way down low.

12 Reasons why it’s now my favorite lamp:

  1. Space saving. Takes up very little space yet neck and arms are far-reaching; it’s like the lamp from a Russian Chinese acrobat troupe.
  2. Light and reach without the bulk. The super sleek body is very functional in that it is barely there and allows the mind a practically seamless thought process to focus on the immediate task at hand or the entire frontal 180-degree vision without obstruction.  With all due respect to my former sizable lamp, it used to be like a pet’s head that came between you and the tv screen at the climax of a movie.
  3. Saves on electrical consumption with LED light.
  4. 360-degree Owl Neck Flexibility  allows illuminating a narrow radius (way down low for hyper focus). If there are other people in the room trying to have a restful atmosphere, the light can be directed to exactly where it’s needed without ultra-brightening the whole room. img_8759
  5. Have you ever seen a lamp that can direct illumination above?  Have you ever argued with Manang that there really are cobwebs on the ceiling? For these and nighttime ceiling bulb replacements,  The Lamp does the acrobatics, not you.  img_8815
  6. Spotlight range.  The lamp head doesn’t just rotate from the neck; the head also bends up and down in some 135 degree calisthenics! So if you’re checking your son’s rashes, you can scan him from head to toe easily!
  7. One-light room illumination.  When you’re winding down from the day’s work but not quite ready to go to bed, the brightness of this lamp is good enough for the whole room. Again, savings.img_8814
  8. The base is of substantial weight so that the lamp’s body doesn’t get knocked over since the lamp’s base is about maybe 20x heavier than its body (not because the lamp is so heavy but because the body and neck are extremely light).
  9. There is a padding at the base of the lamp to prevent scratches on the desk.
  10. Automatic Dual Voltage! You can just plug this lamp anywhere with No Fear.
  11. Durable. The materials are built to last.
  12. Easy-to-find Switch.  I don’t know if you,  like I, have encountered a lamp where you’ve had to push, twist, pull, grope little parts; clap, trace the wire, or otherwise try to figure out how to get some light.  The un-shy switch of this lamp leaves out the guesswork. If you need to ask someone to turn on the light in a hurry, they would easily be able to feel competent about it!

While I was at the BOOGI (Showroom) opening, I discovered another unassuming but awesome product.

Have you ever asked yourself what in the world to do with an opened ream of paper when the outer packaging looks attacked and the papers on top already got dog-eared edges before you were able to use them? I have! Quite regularly.  So with this Bisley paper storage filing cabinet,  I was really pleased that someone put a lot of thought in designing it with understanding for the sticky recurring problems of messy reams, papers hiding in stacks of mishmash papers when you need them, misplacing the spare ink, getting left with one dog-eared or otherwise unkempt paper for the application of a visa you really really want.

A cabinet is a cabinet is a cabinet but I’ll tell you why I love this one.

7 Reasons why I love my Bisley Drawer Cabinet:

  1. Cute design. It looks like an itty-bitty mini-me of my large filing cabinet. (And it comes in other colors like sunny yellow, canary yellow, pink, orange, chartreuse, red, white, grey, and silver except the manufacturer uses other names for these colors).
  2. Drawer size perfect for paper storage. The depth and width of the drawers can specifically fit legal sized papers with just enough clearance on either side to make restocking and retrieving a breeze. Whenever I pull out a sheet, wow, it’s ready to be presented to the boss. Or to the Consul. img_8804
  3. The height of the drawers can fit one whole ream with a lot of allowance to put the diminishing previous ream. This means, no extra violated-looking leftover reams are exposed.
  4. There are metal slots to put labels of each drawer’s contents to save treasure-hunt time when in a hurry.img_8769-1img_8747
  5. Small outwardly but inner storage capacity is great. This is like your friend who can eat so much but looks so tiny. The overall size is small enough to share the space with a printer on computer table yet you would wonder, how did all those papers and stocks fit inside.img_8753
  6. Smooth drawer operation. The drawers glide very smoothly when opening and closing that I don’t have to argue with it in the middle of working.
  7. The materials are durable and clearly built to last. My hypothetical granddaughter’s granddaughter might still be able to use this. If papers are obsolete by then, even to organize charger wires and USB external hard drives.

And it’s on sale now! Besides the LRI branch on Nicanor Garcia, there’s another convenient location on soft opening at 830 A. Arnaiz Ave. (near Paseo de Roxas), Makati.


I was so blessed at the event, not just because I won the first prize but because the prayer shared by Ptr. Paul Chase (from New Life Alabang)  for BOOGI owners, Boogi and Nenette Zipperich (In case you’re wondering, Boogi is the name of Nenette’s husband and the company and store are named after him) reminded me how important it is to pray about everything in business and to dedicate one’s business to the Lord.  If you have a business yourself, you can  pray alongside Pastor Paul for Boogi and Nenette, and then pray for your own business with the same or similar prayer:

This is the Cacoon, an outdoor (or indoor) swing perfect for relaxing, specially if you had little ones.

Boogi and Nenette Zipperich put a lot of thought into the products that they carry at their stores.  And each designer of those products put a lot of thought on the functions, shape, size, reach of individual parts and how those would be put together to make one awesome product.  That reminded me of the careful thought God, the Designer of Designers, put into designing each and every person. Each one is different, even differently-abled but with all His wisdom and goodness, each person (yes, that’s you!) is created for His good purpose and is beautiful in His eyes.


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