Kuh Ledesma Unveiled

Last Monday, I texted Kuh if I could interview her about her upcoming concert.  She replied, “Please come to the presscon on Wednesday na lang.  I’ll have my assistant, Malo, coordinate with you.”

So Wednesday on my way to buy some shop materials at Unimart, I dropped by Wafu Restaurant, Greenhills.  The legendary singer that is Kuh Ledesdma is already answering questions from different members of the press. The topics range from the choice of venue for her upcoming concert on October 16, her fit form, love life, politics, education, and her relationship with Jesus Christ.  She gets candid, opens up her heart, and throws in some jokes, too.

Here are excerpts from the Q&A session:

On your love life?
Hindi ako naghahanap e. Pero ‘pag may pinadala si Lord, Hallelujah, I praise You.

Are you in the market?

NO! Cancel that, cancel that. 

Ayaw mo yung “in the market”?
No, no no. I’m not buying! [Laughter]… They have to come.

Meron ba?
Ay, marami [Aaaah! More laughter] Sabi nga nila may asim pa daw ako.[Everybody’s happy]

Tell us about your concert.  Why did you choose CCF?
Ang ganda ganda ng venue. State-of-the-art equipment, napakilinis ng mga toilets, first class. 

What can people expect from the concert?

The idea is to tell them my story and say it the way it is; my hope is to help those who have struggles in marriage, relationships kasi hindi talaga ako magaling sa relasyon dati e.  Mahiyain ako.  I was sheltered.  Hindi ako marunong masyado makihalubilo sa tao, even when I was just starting in showbiz.  ‘Pag hindi ka nagsmile sa akin, hindi ako magsa-smile kasi takot ako na baka mapahiya ako. Pero ngayon, I know better. Gusto ko mahalin lahat ng tao kaya I smile to everyone.

Yung marriage mo was a mismatch?

I don’t know if it’s a mismatch or more because I was not a godly wife. Hindi ibig sabihin ng “ungodly wife” mahilig ako sa lalake or I’m always out with different men.

Not God-centered pa no’n?

Not God-centered. Jesus was not the center.  Not a submissive wife.  Hindi ko pa masyado naintindihan what it means to give the kind of love that Jesus taught. ‘Kala ko in-love ka na.  Hindi ka pala in-love… in-lust. [chuckles] So then you think ‘Oh this feels good then you get stuck in that relationship and then you think ‘dapat siguro magpakasal na kami.’  And then I already had my daughter three years old when I got married. Same guy… Now, Christian churches do not necessarily encourage marriages among couples na nagkaroon na ng anak because they can be wrong for each other…

There is one need that is important in everybody’s life and without Christ, we are nothing.  Everything we do does not mean anything to God, even our good works.  In the book of Isaiah, our good works are likened to menstrual cloth.

On your relationship with God, do you sometimes feel that you get misinterpreted?

No, it’s not about misinterpretation. I think they are people who are not open to the godly things in life.  Minsan naco-convict sila so magco-complain sila. But in my last concert in Los Angeles, I spoke about my own testimony, what my failed marriage did to my heart and to my daughter and what saved me, what gave me back my life because I lost inspiration, I lost my joy.. was Jesus Christ. And the Word of God is what sustains me.

On revealing your life to others…

Wala na akong takot. Dati mysterious but If i stay mysterious, I won’t be able to help people.

This change because of your relationship empowered you to speak up and open your heart…

Sabi ni Jesus, the kind of water that He gives is living water that you will not be able to stop yourself from speaking because of His Spirit that flows out…

I would be shocked if it’s not over 90% may problema sa marriage.  You know, adultery is so prevalent here. Look at our leaders… one of the reasons is economic.  Kung ang tao may relasyon sa Panginoon, alam nya ang promises ng Panginoon, trust is anchored on God, hindi ka magwo-worry about anything kasi alam mo magpo-provide ang Panginoon.

Kuh was then called for a simultaneous interview from the tv stations:

After the main press conference, BITS had the chance to chat with her a little more:

BUTTERFLYINTHESPRING (BITS): Hi Kuh, I’m so amazed that among the press people, it’s like you’re conducting a bible study.

KUH LEDESMA (KL): [Madilim ha, dito tayo…]  A bible study [chuckles]

BITS: It’s different from

KL:  the usual…

BITS: Because I watched the concert at Solaire and there was not much of the Christian [part]

KL: Ah, yung Music and Magic, yeah yeah yeah.

BITS: Wala ba masyado no’n? Or did I miss that part. Did you share your testimony then?

KL:  I did actually, konti… konti lang.

BITS:  You’re a celebrity… you’re also a believer.  How do you balance that? Your sharing is more overt now…

KL:  Well, you know, not every Christian is fearless and I thank God that He has taken that away from me, yung having the fear that when you open your mouth about Christ, you’re not gonna get hired, or people are gonna criticise or say things… I have no fear of that because my Provider is the Lord Himself.  I understand fully that He is in control of all things and I hold on to His promises.  That is what I believe. Wala akong takot magsalita kasi that’s my job.  I was saved to serve.  I am saved to speak about Christ.  I don’t wanna lose my inheritance of heaven.  God has done so much in my life and it would be a… shame if I did not use what I know to help others.

BITS: In the hierarchy of who Kuh Ledesma is, what comes first?

KL:  My Lord comes first and then my family and then my work.

BITS:  This upcoming concert is a bit different from the one in Solaire so it’s more of an inspirational concert?
KL: It is an inspirational concert but I’m singing my hit songs and I’m using them to tell a story and then we are doing some inspirational and gospel songs.

BITS: And among the guests…

KL: All of them are Christians.

BITS:  Who would be the perfect audience for this concert?
KL:  Well, Christians should bring their family and friends who have not been to CCF or who have not heard anything about the Bible or Christ or they have heard of Christ but they don’t still think or know how important it is to have Christ in our life.

BITS:  Is there any message you have that wasn’t asked today?

KL:  I really really encourage the CCF’ers to bring their friends who they have invited to church but don’t wanna go to church. But now it’s a concert. It’s an opportunity.  Now’s the time.

BITS:  Thank you.

KL:  Thank you rin.


kuhl concertTickets can be purchased here:  TICKET WORLD

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