The Gift of Access

By 7:15 tonight I was still cooking clam chowder for April Macadangdang and her friends. Afterwards when my kitchen team was all set to bring out all the rest of the food orders and I bade goodbye to guests, I headed for the KUHL Concert of Kuh Ledesma thinking maybe I could get one faith encouragement message  from one of the guests.  Kuh had mentioned when I interviewed her that they were all believers…

I went straight to the ticket table to ask what tickets are available. Kuh’s assistant, Malo, arrived from behind me as she traversed the building coordinating many things. I asked her if she read my post to invite people to this concert. Before I could purchase my ticket, she told the lady at the table to give me an All-Access pass.  Thank you dear Malo! 

Thank You Lord for this perfectly timed gift from You! What are the chances that Malo would need to be within one foot away from me just when I got there.

I want an all-access pass like this to heaven. Thank You for Jesus being my One Way ticket to heaven who Himself said He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life, no one goes to the Father except through Him. So I want to accept Him, The Way to You!


Praise God for giving me not one but more interviews!  Thank You Lord for their wonderful messages that they are happy to share with BITS readers!

Coming soon….

The Perkins Twins
Fernando Carrillo
Stephen Baldwin

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