Stephen Baldwin

If you or anyone you know is a skater enthusiast, come to CCF Tiendesitas at 2-6pm today! There’s a skating event with champs from all over the world with demos, tricks, live bands! Poster at the bottom of this article.

Meanwhile, I’d like to share with you below some inspiring words from last night’s interview with Hollywood actor, a member of the Baldwin Brothers, Stephen Baldwin who is in the country for the Revival in Philippines skating event at CCF.


BITS: Hi! Thank you for saying ‘yes’ to the interview.   I’d like to know because my blog is about encouraging faith…


BITS: I’d like to know… do you think you have a life message you would like to share?

SB: Sure! For me, I’m pretty much the last person in my existence that would ever expect to believe that I would become a Christian. So I like to encourage young people to understand that for me, being set free through Jesus Christ is something that really brings a satisfaction and a peace and a joy that particularly in these days is very much needed so I just try to do the best I can to try to be a light. It’s great to be here at CCF because we’re doing this skateboard ministry event. That’s a rather outside–the-box, unusual opportunity to reach the youth with the gospel so we’re excited to be here.

BITS: May I know how you came to know the Lord?
SB: There was a prophecy spoken over my wife and I about twenty years ago.  My wife is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She hired a cleaning woman from Brazil to come live in the United States with us and work with us and when she started working with us, she said the real reason she took the job was that the prophet in her church in Brazil had heard a word from the Lord for her to go work for us.  As a result of that, she said that what God said was gonna happen was that my wife and I would become born again and then be involved in ministry so at the time, that seemed rather ridiculous but in retrospect, everything she said has come true.

BITS: That’s amazing. She never knew you and she was told she would work for this couple and then she ended up working with you?
SB: Yes.

BITS: That’s amazing.

SB: Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.

BITS: So she was instrumental in how you came to know the Lord? Did she share with you the Word?
SB: No. Just my wife first. And then she stopped working with us and then four years later, my second daughter was born. We were living in Arizona at the time. We moved back to New York where we were from and then just through circumstance, my wife became saved first and then a year later, I followed. And then ever since then we’ve been doing ministry.

BITS: Oh wow, praise God.   You said earlier that you’re unlikely to be a Christian. Why do you say that?
SB: What I meant was to me, it seems unlikely that I would be a Christian [laughs]..

BITS: Really?

SB: Yeah. Just ’cause I’ve been around.

I’ve been making movies in Hollywood for a long time and it just never seemed like a reality that I would ever experience but I’ve always been a pretty outside-the-box guy myself. I’m pretty radical. I’m a skydiver and I do kinda crazy stuff. I’m an adrenaline junkie so when I got saved, it was only because I had made a covenant with Jesus that if He ever revealed Himself to me in a way that was true and authentic and He would promise me that the experience would be better than a skydive… what I said was “If I have that experience then I’ll go and say and do whatever You want.”

So I’m from New York and I’m in Manila doing a skateboard evangelistic event. So go figure that out.

BITS: Has it been better than a skydive?
SB: Oh it’s been beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in this dimension.

BITS: What difference do you see in your life before Christ and after?

SB: I would just say that having a sense of purpose is the thing more than anything for me. In addition to that, the things of this world and the stresses and the anger and the this and that… all these things that really dictate and determine each and every day if we’re gonna be blessed or have a good day… for me, every day is a good day.

BITS: Because of Jesus Christ?
SB: No question.

BITS: Would you like to invite anyone to your activities or ministries?
SB: If anybody wants to know my story, there’s a cool website called

[Please click here for Stephen’s story]

I’m just getting ready to write, produce, and direct a couple Christian films in the next two years so I’m just very fortunate.

BITS: It seems that the people onstage [from the Kuhl concert finale number] would make up a good cast [Mutual laughter]

SB: We’ll see what the Lord wants to do…

BITS: Tarny [Perkins, father of the Perkins twins] was saying that you have an event tomorrow (October 17), do you wanna invite people?

SB: Oh sure! Tomorrow we’re doing something called RIP, which when you look at a tombstone that means “Rest In Peace.” But for us it means “Revival in Philippines” so we’ve brought twelve or fifteen of the top pro-skaters from all over the world here to Manila to do a big skate event so we’re excited. We just wanna do something special for the youth here in Manila.  We just wanna show them that you can love Jesus and still be a disciple and still receive salvation and still have fun.

BITS: Is that only a one-day event?
SB: Yeah, tomorrow it’s just one day.

BITS: After that, is there something else coming up in the Philippines?
SB: Maybe!  We’re talking about maybe developing some other projects.

BITS: That’s great! I hope to see one of those!

SB: Thanks!

BITS: Thank you so much!

SB: You got it!

Audio Recording of the above interview:

Event today, 2-6pm October 17, 2015 at CCF Tiendesitas.



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