Fernando Carrillo (KUHL Event concert Oct 2015, CCF)

Sharing with you this interview with Venezuelan actor (who appeared in telenovelas popular in the Philippines), Fernando Carrillo:



BITS: Would you like to share a faith encouragement message for those who are wondering if they should follow the Lord or not?
FC: Well, I think  the Lord calls us all in a very personal way and I encourage all those who are seeking and looking for happiness, for love… I think that the only way to find that is through God. Sometimes we don’t understand many things that happen but  with God holding our hand and with us following God and Jesus, everything is possible so I encourage you to follow the Lord.  It’s the only way.

BITS: May I know how you personally got to know the Lord?
FC:  I was waiting for a friend to come down from a hotel to go for dinner and I was thinking how far I was from God and that I needed to go back home and go to church… When I was thinking about how distant I was from God, somebody knocked on my window and I put the window down and this person without saying anything (else) said, “How is your spiritual life?”  So I was like, “Wow! I was just thinking about that. From that moment on, I started following the Lord and … ever since [big smile].

BITS: Was it a time when you were having difficulty or was it…?
FC:  No. Just a moment in my life when I was thinking I should be closer to God, so He came and took me by the hand and took me to a place that’s where I started following Jesus.

BITS: That’s wonderful! Did you sing tonight?
FC: I did! … And I have another one! [big smile, blow kiss]

BITS: Okay! Thank you so much!

FC: Love you, take care [waves goodbye]

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