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It’s easy to dish out sweet honey words that edify people and to love the loveable with darling verbal hugs. The toughest test comes when a wrong chord has been struck or we have been grossly violated.  That’s exactly when we need to go back to these pretty proverbs to remind us that we are God’s children who need to talk the walk becoming of God’s princesses.

Lord, apart from You we can do no good thing but in Jesus by the power of Your Holy Spirit, we ask You possess us and sweep us off our feet to the spiritual realm where You are Righteous Judge, where You command us to cast all our burdens to You.  Help us to be tongue-tied if necessary, our lips sealed and zipped, our duck pouts muzzled until we are so washed by Your Word and Spirit that what will come out of our dainty mouths that praise You will be words from You that come with the seal of the Holy Spirit.  God, help us when that time comes, please!  We ask these in Jesus’s name and for His glory amen!

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