Three C’s That Cause Arguments: Dra. Annabelle Robles 4

bits annabelle arguments


If you’re wise you’ll avoid these:

•”You’re just like …”,
•”Why can’t you be like …”,
•”When I was your age…”
• You’re asking for a fight.
•”My first husband…”
2 Corinthians 10:12 says it’s unwise to compare.

2. Condemning.

“It’s all your fault”, “You should be ashamed.”

You lay on the guilt.  “You always”,

“You never”,  “You ought to”, “You should…”, ”

You shouldn’t…”

3. [Constantly] Contradicting.

How do you like to be interrupted in the middle of a sentence? It’s irritating.

Some things are just not worth the fight. Wisdom is peace loving.



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