Karen Davila: “It’s not what you say but the way you behave”

Karen Davila is a highly respected, locally and internationally multi-awarded broadcast journalist, news anchor of ABS-CBN’s news program, Bandila and My Puhunan (My Investment) among several shows on TV as well as radio (DZMM).  She was the moderator for the latest 2016 Presidential Election Debate:

She is a wife and mother of two.  Esquire Magazine also named her the Sexiest Woman Alive.


When I saw Karen Davila’s name on the recent Nick Vujicic 2016 program, it magnified my hunch that she is a believer.  With the kind of huge success she has, I was curious what drew her to the Lord.  I was also curious about how she lives her faith in the industry she is in.  I told my friend, Malu Ortiz, that I hope I will get a chance to talk to Karen.

The blessed opportunity came when we went backstage at the Smart Araneta Coliseum after Nick Vujicic’s encouraging, refreshing talk.  We ran into Karen and even in her haste, she humbly and kindly agreed to a quick chat.

BUTTERFLYINTHESPRING (BITS):  You’re very successful.  [I’m wondering] at what stage in your life did you come to know the Lord?
KAREN DAVILA (KD):  When I was growing up… I would have to say in my teenage years to my college life when my family experienced financial turmoil.  It was very difficult at home.  It was my sister and my mom who first became Christians.  But after that, I just wanted to experience having no bitterness.  I wanted to forgive.  And I asked the Lord, “If you are real, then let me forgive and have no bitterness and move forward with what we’ve experienced growing up. And it happened!

BITS: So this was in your teenage years even before you started your career?
KD: Definitely!  I was still in high school to college.

BITS:  In your industry, is it like swimming upstream if you’re a believer?

“I think the best example when you’re a Christian is the way you behave.  It’s not what you say… This is the Philippines… People tend to mention ‘God,’ ‘Jesus’ every other sentence; they’re preachy. But then, do you really live the examples and the teachings in the bible?

BITS: So in your case, it’s like a lifestyle sharing? 
KD: Exactly!

BITS:  So you preach with your life?
KD: Yes. So in my case at work, it would be not compromising my integrity, it’s being professional, it’s being fair, it’s being compassionate, understanding, hardworking.  These are all biblical principles.  What you sow, is what you reap.

I have to go! (Blows a kiss)


This revelation raised my already high regard for Karen. She is being the aroma of Christ even without words but through the way she lives out biblical values daily.  What a wonderful role model!

Lord, may You continue to shine Your light through Karen; please bless her and her marriage and family richly according to Your glorious riches in Your name amen.

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