Between Friday’s Death and Sunday’s Resurrection: Dr. Peter Tanchi

“Is it really worth it serving God?”

GMA 7’s 700 Club did a Part 2 of the Story of Joy Tanchi Mendoza.

Dr. Peter Tanchi is a highly respected Christian leader, teacher, father, and Senior Pastor of Christ’s Commission Fellowship, Manila .  He talks of the heartbreaking period of his family’s life when he and his wife, Deonna were out teaching Bible studies and their home got broken into and their daughter, Joy, got raped.

Through God’s Word, His Spirit worked in the devastated, crushed hearts of the Tanchi Family.  Keeping their focus on the character of God—-even though the circumstances of the moment (or season) did not make sense— helped them to move forward towards healing and faith. This allowed them to see God work and show Himself faithful.

Was it easy to keep the faith?

Pastor Peter recalls how he took up the matter with God during that time. “I don’t understand. I don’t see any good coming out of this. But I will trust You. I pray You will help me understand…I saw evil that night. I cannot believe how people can go to your house, abuse people, steal things. I felt our rights were so violated. It’s hard to explain it. I think that’s one of the worst tragedies a father can experience. I’ve never cried more in my life.  I said ‘Is it really worth it serving Him?’ Who is in charge? Perhaps God is not in charge? Perhaps the truth about the sovereignty of God is not really true…certain things are beyond Him?… And the amazing thing is how God moves in our heart. Where will I turn to? I do not know what good will come out of this… BUT… I claim Your promise… something good will come out and I said, ‘Please, Lord, show me.’ ”

His wife Deonna thought, “If I turn away from God, where would I go? He’s my life. He’s my love. He’s my everything. God loves Joy more than I love her. I said, ‘Okay God, I’m gonna trust You. I will hold You to Your promise and I won’t let You go until I see the good that You’re promising me now at this tragedy.”

Joy Tanchi shared, “All of us had to go through healing in my family to really soul-search and ask God,  ‘Lord, what is Your reason that You allow this to happen to our family?”

Here is a previous post on Butterflyinthespring’s full-length interview of Deonna Tanchi which answers some of these questions.

It is natural to be discouraged when a trial comes.  It is natural to wonder if it’s worth serving God. Even the apostles who walked the earth with Jesus went through it.  After following Jesus and believing His teachings about His kingdom, the disciples saw how Jesus—  as foretold like a silent lamb before its shearers—was mocked, belittled, tortured, crucified and then died.  Was that it? All that following Him for nothing? Was it worth it to follow Him?  Between Friday’s death and Sunday’s resurrection, there was a period of mourning, questioning, wondering, a crisis of faith. And then Sunday came. Jesus rose from the dead (1Cor 15:5-8).

The Resurrection is awesome proof that Friday’s death is not the end.  Between Friday’s death and Sunday’s resurrection, God is still at work. God will use everything for good.

If you are in that period between the onset of your trial and seeing God’s faithful hand, may the story of the Tanchis encourage you.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Sir Peter i just want to share my problems regarding with my husband. I need your help.

    1. Dear Kathleen, pastor peter can be reached through ccf main, tiendesitas or thru this website he doesn’t access this blog. May I know how I may pray for you?

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