Mind Set on Things Above

Colossians 3:2

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.
When I put my oven setting at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it doesn’t always accurately go to and remain at 350 degrees.
350 oven
There is a thermostat that detects when the temperature is going above or below the temperature setting and then the oven adjusts its heat emission to reach the temperature setting desired.
I thought this scenario also reflects when we are commanded to “set our minds on things above”: we need to select the setting of our minds and keep it there so we will be constantly reminded to get back to the right setting.
Here’s a previous post on how to set one’s mind on things above (from Colossians 3)
Lord, please help us to not set our affections on the things of this earth for where our treasure is, there our heart will also be. Help us to grow in the knowledge of Your Word so that we can marinate our minds  and hearts with the things that please You and know the things which are of You. We ask this in Jesus’s name and for His glory Amen

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