Glenn Yu: 5 Fatherhood ABC’s

Glenn Yu Ernst and Young EventGlenn Yu, President and CEO of SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. (the leading and largest independent, proudly-Filipino fuel company in the Philippines), was featured in Butterflyinthespring’s previous posts:

Impact of An Inspiring Businessman  about how a businessman’s impact motivated him to be the businessman/person he became until he in turn mentored younger businessmen himself.

Losing the Long-Awaited Child, the story he and his beautiful wife, Jackie, shared about the time they eagerly yearned for a baby boy and the journey that ensued.

Today, Glenn shares 5 Fatherhood ABC’s for Dads:

A – lways put Family First before work.

Many people at the end of their life regret not having spent enough time with family but never not having spent enough time at work.

glenn jackie family red
B – e the person and the parent God would want you to be (based on His Word).

The best gift we can give our children is to be the best dad we can be.

glenn jackie family blue
C – ommunicate your love to your kids.

Say “I love you” as often as you can in as many ways as you can.  Sometimes, we assume our children know how much we love them, but it means so much more when we are able to let them hear and see it.

glenn family time.jpg
D – on’t even try to be the perfect dad, just be present.

Sometimes we are too concerned about not making any mistakes, when all our children need is for us to be there for them.

glenn family
E – njoy every moment, every minute you have with your children.

You never know when that moment is going to be your last.

glenn family winter



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