When You’re Plucked From Your Comfort Zone

Lux and Kryptonite, my son’s adopted cats, love hanging out with us whatever we’re doing. When we’re gone, they also follow our Manang’s around the house like little apprentices except they never take over the job.

When we did recent repairs, repainting, and refreshing, the works came with a lot of cat hazards—sharp tools and things, a lot of debris, and paint fumes which I felt their little lungs couldn’t handle prolonged exposure to. I consulted their owner, my son, and he said he also felt the cats should go on vacation to a safer place.

Previously, the only times Lux and Kryptonite rode the car were to the vet where they got injections and medications which they didn’t like. Ever since, they have dreaded being placed in their car carriers and taken for a ride, albeit a literal one.

So they cried and cried all the way to their safehouse, my work studio. When they got there, Lux didn’t eat that night. They both looked for places to hide and weren’t in the mood to do their usual rubbing their tails by me and meowing hello.  It took them some time to feel safe and be their usual selves. They seem to have felt abandoned so they retreated from me, acting estranged. Parang nagtampo, walang kibo. 

After many days, the time came when it was safe to come back home.  We loaded all their stuff— their litter box, food and drink trays, litter sand, food, beds, scratchposts and them in the car. Oh when we zipped them up in the car carrier, just like did all the way to the safehouse, they both wailed nonstop, crying the entire ride all the way back home.

They didn’t know the hazards they were spared from; they didn’t know how many workers who didn’t know them or necessarily care for them had been invading their space and wouldn’t have minded leaving the doors open for stray cats to come in or for them to get lost to the streets or run over; when they were feeling sore about being moved from their comfort zone, they didn’t see that they were well provided for and cared for.  When they came back, the broken parts of the house were repaired and restored, even beautified.

Now they love it even more specially with their their own little cat beds under ours which they almost don’t want to get out of.

This reminded me of myself sometimes when God plucks me out of my comfort zone. Instead of focusing on Him and trusting Him, thanking Him for His provision, protection, and presence, I’m crying and grumbling and having a pity party.  Can you relate?

If you’ve ever been plucked out of your comfort zone and felt abandoned, I would like to share with you one of my favorite teachings from Priscilla Shirer (the leading lady of the movie, The War Room) which I used to watch or listen to several times a week.  Priscilla is quite funny and has a way of driving home the point!

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