Francis Kong: 5 Fatherhood Lessons to Share

International Speaker, Francis Kong, is one of the most in-demand speakers in the Philippines.

francis kong portrait

He is an entrepreneur, author, columnist, broadcaster, speaker, and trainer. Would like to quote my previous introduction of him in a previous post…

Couldn’t keep up with the flashing words on the screen. “Magna Cum Laude.  MA degree in Trinity College. Continuing Courses at Harvard University. Apologetics in Oxford University.  Toastmasters Award. Something of the Year Award…” They were talking about tonight’s speaker, Francis Kong.  But the  emcee, Ickhoy de Leon, on his live intro, lauded him for this:  “The one thing that really takes the cake for me is how he loves his wife.”

Apart from the public accolades that he receives, privately, Francis Kong is known to be a great husband and a great father. And today, he has graciously agreed to share some lessons for fatherhood:

1. All work all the time will burn you out. Learn to celebrate your time and enjoy the company of your family. img_8701

2. Time is made and not found. Do not say you will find time for your family…you make time for them as they are more important than your work and business.

francis kong bryan's birthday
“Lunch break with family in the middle of a heavy appointment filled-day.                   Bryan’s birthday today.” – Francis Kong’s post

3. The best thing you can do for your kids is to love their mom. Find time to spend moments with your wife. Have a date night and court her each time. What you give and how you serve will always bring you great reward and joy.


4. Love God and know that He is first Your Father.  Look at Christ; see how He loves and model His kind of love.
5. Model godly character as kids learn more with their eyes than their ears.

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