Becca Sy: Saved Radio, Savings, and Salvation

becca SyRebecca “Becca” Sy is a driven, smart, able, accomplished woman who has a humble, gentle heart committed to the Lord.


After graduating with an Accounting degree at George Washington University, she worked as a Financial Controller managing twenty-four branches of a company in Maryland, USA.

In 1980, she was asked to come home to manage Accounting and Finance for the businesses of her family of origin, SYSU and McCormick (manufacturer and toll-packer for international food companies) as well as the House of Praise, a Christian
music distribution company.

When Becca moved back to Manila, she also experienced the end of her
marriage.  This was the season when she started becoming more intimate with God.

Rebecca “Becca” Sy (RS): When I was by myself, I started speaking to God, reading the bible, and really cry out to Him. He gave me words that really spoke to my heart. He would say, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here. If I’m for you, who can be against you?”  

I hung on. I claim His promises.  Without His words, it would be so difficult.  I began going to church and started this support group with women who are also single; some of them are being abused, we started talking. We have a pastor who mentored us… teaching us how God could be our Helper to start life all over again.

Becca was quite happy working for the family corporations but a strong desire to do something independently without relying on the family business resulted in her trying her hand at music production.

BECCA MUSIC STARTED.  Becca saw many international artists coming to Manila to perform in concerts but she felt that there was a gap for Christian music.  Since House of Praise was a source of record labels, Becca thought, “Why not have Christian concerts?”  She established  Becca Music, Inc. in 2007 and her first project was David Pomeranz’s album (with popular song, Got to Believe in Magic).


The people I hired were not experts in events or concerts; we did many things through trial and error but because God had impressed in my heart this direction, I took it.  We later decided to promote our events through churches and media.

“With Becca Music, I started with ten people who were inexperienced in the field of concerts and events. If only all the scholars are being called by God, what about the rest of us?  I think the reason He called us is because we will rely on Him; we’re so dependent on Him and we easily obey because there’s no other choice. We trust and obey Him.  [We easily say,] ‘Lord I don’t know how to go about this, What will I do?’  Our trust is childlike.  If we submit to God, everything falls into place. Becca [Music] has been in existence for eight years. All we did was pray and obey God. On the choice of artists to invite, we really have to seek God’s approval. 

Many times, we get so excited because someone would write to us, like Passion with Louie Giglio.  They chose us among others who invited them to come to the Philippines.  When they came and we asked them, ‘Why did you choose us?’ They said, ‘We don’t know. We just felt God leading us to Becca Music.’  Hillsong… they don’t know us but they accepted us.  

The key here is

  • First, you have to have a relationship with God.
  • Second, you really have to trust Him to do everything for you.

Becca ended up with five radio stations and if you include affiliates, it now totals to almost fourteen nationwide FM stations which includes 106.7 Saved Radio.

She said, “I was so happy to have the radio stations because we could interject all kinds
of Christian activities and music so we can gel all the Christian and non-denominational churches together.

She had a lot on her plate, yet, the proactive, dynamic businesswoman that she is, in September 2000, she joined Sunlife Insurance.  With only the last quarter remaining to perform, by December 31 that year, Becca qualified to get the top place in her agency and received all the available awards:  Macaulay, Billion Dollar, and Round Table awards… in three months’ time!  For the next fifteen years hence, she was consistently in the annual Court of the Table/ Global Round Table Award list which is the most prestigious global award from Sunlife.

Becca says,  “God opened the way for me in Sunlife. I do not have partners for my other  businesses. I don’t believe in having partners because they wouldn’t understand that it’s a ministry. I know if God is willing, He will let me break even or give me some profit but if I lose sometimes, it’s still okay. I already submitted this to God, ‘Lord You have blessed me some other ways. Becca Music is the way I will go bless Your people.’

I use Sunlife as the vehicle for raising proceeds for Becca Music. It’s a lot of sacrifices and at times, it’s very difficult but it’s so fulfilling because my passion is to help people understand that when you save, you just don’t put [money] in the piggy bank but  you save for investment for a future return. Through the years (going on sixteen), God has given me many people who became my friends but also my clients. 

The bible says, ‘Don’t keep your wealth in material things because these will just rust. Invest in heaven which lasts.’

A lot of times we will question God when we have problems, ‘Why me?’ Like when my marriage failed… but God always uses the hardest events for us to accept or the hardest things for us to do on our own… when we are weak, He gives us strength.  That’s how I became stronger.  All the adversities make me stronger.”

(Becoming a single mother,) God lifted up a boulder in my life so I can do my work entirely for Him. In life, we go through so many trials, heartaches, sufferings but there’s victory if we obey Him. I used to conduct (a talk) for single mothers  and I would say, ‘Never rely on your husband. Only God would do wonders for us. He’s the only one that we can trust. He will never cheat today, yesterday, and tomorrow; He’ll never change. Just trust in Him. There’s life over there. You just have a leap of faith that you are created because theres’ purpose in your life. You might not be a millionaire but if you simply walk with God and ask God to help you, your life’s going to change.

Ever since I went into Sunlife, I always say,

‘Don’t always feel that you’re pitiful (kawawa). Don’t pity yourself. With God’s help, you can do it, nothing is impossible.  Tayo (like in this restaurant), sometimes you have people, sometimes you don’t, so what? You still have this! And God is going to send people.  It’s okay if some days I don’t have sales. Fine!  There’s always somebody there that God will send to me. We need to know how to laugh a little.  If there’s problem. I would say, ‘Lord, I can’t handle this but I know You will not give me what I can’t handle.  The reason why You gave it to me is because You know that I can do it which… I will (commit to) do it.’  Without God, we’re nothing.”

Becca is asked to talk to women’s groups, single mothers, those who have experienced abuse. “In my radio station because of my own situation, I had a program… (that was) Rene Cayetano’s first radio program. We had lawyers like Pia Cayetano, a set of psychologists. It was an interactive program wherein people called in about their problems and the lawyer and psychologist would answer.


Becca Sy doesn’t have to work a day in her life but the passion which God has given her to bring others closer to Him and to use her giftings to glorify Him has allowed her to do business while taking care of God’s business.  She continues to help counsel employees, supports miscellaneous ministries while being a businesswoman.  One of Becca Music’s radio stations is appropriately called SAVED Radio. It reminds one of how Becca’s work on one hand helps people’s money be saved (through Sunlife) but on the other, she helps people themselves be saved through the gospel material shared in the radio stations and the ministries she works in.

Becca is an awesome inspiration to single women, women in general, entrepreneurs, and believers.  Lord, thank You for how You’ve gifted Becca with a wealth of skills to accompany her fervent desire to serve You by helping others. May You bless her according to Your glorious riches and continue to use her to be Your Princess Bride who shares Your grace to others in Jesus’s name and for his glory amen.






























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