Mink Chocolates, Vancouver

img_2399Award-winning Mink Chocolates are preservative-free artisan chocolate bars made in small batches with Belgian chocolate.


Among their many interesting flavors they have are

  • Fountain of Youth (with blueberries and goji berries)
  • No Grumpy (organic espresso)
  • Open In Case Of Emergency (Kentucky Bourbon and fresh mint in chocolate ganache)
  • PB Wannabe (almond butter and organic grape jelly)
  • …By Any Other Name (with organic rose petals)
  • Romeo and Juliet (one side dark chocolate ganache and one side blond chocolate ganache)

They make good Vancouver souvenir gifts, too. A single bar or a briefcase selection!

img_2381img_2387The beloved doesn’t care for chocolate and I don’t know how he saw the tiny sign (Mink, A Chocolate Cafe) from afar when we were just strolling the neighborhood by the waterfront. But he said to this chocoholic, “Just try!” So I tried the pistachio variety (Sheba). It was good and the package is a petite size just enough to satisfy your chocolate craving.

This was a sweet stop. There were brochures inside for the Gourmet Tour Vancouver.img_2400The cafe/shop is located across the Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver Hotel.

Every time I see this hotel, I feel sad for the early death of Glee actor, Cory Monteith. That’s where he was found dead in his room from a combined drug intoxication. For any Glee fans out there, recalling the tribute the show gave Finn Hudson, Cory’s character, and indirectly Cory himself:

Praying for victory of young and old people over alcohol, drugs, any bondages that keep them from having life and having it to the full. Also for continuing comfort for those who have lost loved ones to these bondages. Healing for everyone, in Jesus’s name amen. Lord, please help me overcome my addiction to chocolates, too. Thanks!

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