Cafe Crepe, Downtown Vancouver

The lines to this restaurant on Robson Street were often long whenever we passed here on the way back to our hotel so one day when there was no line, we got curious to try it.

It’s quite nice inside and the open production area for the crepes whets your appetite to have some!

It might have been an off opportunity. Like maybe the staff had a long day and was tired with barely any eye contact. It was boxing week after all and with all the people who comprised the long queues, that was a lot of food to prepare and people to serve.

There were so many empty tables but we got assigned to the most compact, good-for-two (skinny people) table and the server was indifferent that before I could sit, I had to compress first my wide, wide down winter coat, bulky wool scarf, and a few bags. The staff seemed uninterested and exhausted.

The beloved was happy with his butter sugar crepe.

but my crepe with smoked salmon, pears, and brie wasn’t too warm.

Interesting stop to let the rains pass. Thank You, Lord for food, drink, shelter. I am grateful.

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