Medina Breakfast, Library District Vancouver

img_3993“Sustenance.” I love the sign that leads to Medina. Appearing on “Vancouver’s Best Breakfast” and Top Restaurants lists, Medina Cafe serves “Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, connoisseur-savvy coffee and sweet sustenance via the city’s best Belgian waffles.” [Shhh!🤫 You have to try Le Petit Belge’s waffles before you come here which is exactly what we did because the queuing time for a table at Medina was an hour!🤭]

Medina’s name is inspired by the the old Arab quarter of a North African town with a connotation of a “radiant, enlightened city.” Owner, Robbie Kane, dishes out enlightened hospitality. He was around during our visit and he told me about my hot chocolate, “I chose the pretty one just for you.” He was busy checking on everything and everyone and it wasn’t until I got home and looked up Medina that I realized that he was the owner. That’s too bad, otherwise I would have taken his picture. With me. 🙂 I’m so impressed with his hands-on care.

Oops, I think I did get a picture of us (unintentionally) below left. Photo at right is from an interesting interview of him at

From Medina’s website:

“Café Medina doesn’t simply serve food — Kane and his staff pride themselves on feeding the soul of each and every guest and providing them with sustenance in every way, shape and form. It’s this signature Medina mystique that has made the café a Vancouver institution, and is the reason its guests keep returning again and again.”

Our server herself was very efficient, sweet, and helpful for me to understand the menu. After I ordered six toppings for my waffles, she said she recommends two toppings per because their waffle size is petite. [I ended up ordering three.]

img_4014-1The restaurant’s chic eclectic interiors consists of huge glass windows that lets natural light come in (so precious in Vancouver this season), vintage distressed logo on a big wall, subtle warm drop lights, wainscoating on the walls, wrought iron divider, dried floral arrangements garnished with waffles(!), vintage decor, and a well-equipped modern bar.

The beloved was happy with his coffee and food. I think it’s the Wolves Breakfast
(In-House Cured Flat Iron Steak, Double Smoked Medina Bacon, Andouille & Merguez Sausage).

And I was happy with my pretty Hot Chocolate (chosen by Robbie) and Waffles with Milk Chocolate Lavender, Salted Caramel, and Mixed Berry Compote.


Burp! So nourished!!! We had to walk around, walk around all over downtown to burn off the calories from these plus Le Petit Belge’s breakfast just an hour before!

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