Le Petit Belge

While walking around Yaletown, we saw this waffle brunch place, Le Petit Belge.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A fusion between true authentic Belgian Brussel style waffles and breakfast in a cozy atmosphere. We make people happy” – Le Petit Belge

They had savory and dessert waffles along with a selection of coffees.

Everything was “splittable” 😃 the way we like it. We get to try each other’s food. The waffle is distinctly light and crisp. The beloved and I loved the texture. The salmon/avocado/Mozzarella cheese/ olive/ arugula salad savory waffle was a nice way to break an overnight fast.  He liked his simple sugar topped plain waffle with maple syrup, Canada’s pride.

If you love waffles, you will love this place!  It’s almost across the Vancouver Public Library.

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