Osaka: Organic Building by Gaetano Pesce

“Co-existence of greenery, architecture, and human beings” is the concept of Gaetano Pesce-designed Organic Building, completed in 1993 to embody the corporate ideal of Oguraya Yamamoto Co., Ltd.

Its shiny terra cotta-coloured facade has protruding steel-encased concrete planters which nurture over 50 varieties of plants irrigated by a computer-controlled hydrating system in a Vertical Garden —-which, a signage explains, was one of the seven great architectural styles way back in the era of Mesopotamian civilisation! [I thought vertical gardens were a latter-day concept to address overpopulation and high real estate prices😀].

The Organic Building houses mainly offices but is now a civic landmark of the City of Osaka. .

The exercise that can get rid of chronic disorder and obesity? The one that you will do! #thedanielplan Happy to have found a fun way to exercise while exploring Osaka😍


Genesis 2:15 NIVThe Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. 



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