Elysian Coffee and Ernest Ice Cream, Vancouver

img_4721-1There’s some good coffee across St. Paul Hospital’s Lights of Hope, downtown Vancouver. It’s Elysian Coffee on Burrard and Helmcken

They also have Vancouver’s famous Ernest Ice Cream but be warned, it comes in a recyclable one pint size only.  For a green effort to encourage recycling, if you bring the jar back, you get $1 off your next shop purchase on your next visit.  The handsome British server was shocked that I could one pint dine-in.

I imported some of the beloved’s coffee to pour onto my Rum and Egg Nog ice cream to keep me awake. Very yummy!

The Lights of Hope are more stunning at night. To hit two birds with one stone, try Monday to Friday when the coffee shop hours are 7am-6pm while sunset is early.


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