Healing Prayer for You with Love from Isabella Gonzalez (KUHL Event concert Oct 2015, CCF)

I asked Isabella if she could share a faith encouragement message about something that God had put in her heart and she willingly shared this message:

Text version of this interview below:

ISABELLA GONZALEZ (IG):  Hi everybody out there, it’s Isabella.  I just wanna encourage you right now that if you’re going through a season in your life where people may have given you a label with some sort of sickness… even if it’s not a sickness…maybe…”Oh you must be so tired, you’re so stressed, you’re so anxious,” you can just say to that, “You know, I cancel that in Jesus’s name.  No, I don’t believe that’s true and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”

You know He’s the Name above all names and what that really means also is He’s the name above cancer… because that’s a name, that’s a title, He’s the name above cancer, He’s the name above (like with me, it was being) bipolar (disorder) and He’s the name above all names and by His stripes you are already healed.  He has healed you.  That means it’s in the past.  It was only a few months ago where I really said, “You know, Lord, will You heal me completely?  Give me not only good and lasting health but truly heal me from all the things that hinder me from doing all that You want me to do and little by little as I started to trust Him as He started to grow my faith, I started to go to different talks by different pastors, started to listen, and started to pray even for the medicine I was taking daily. I say, “Lord, please use this medicine for my good and complete and total healing.  Lord God, I believe that one day, I’m not going to have to take this anymore.  Thank You that in You I am already healed.”
And even if I was taking the medicine, I would thank Him already for healing me completely in my mind, in my body, in my soul, in my spirit and really, each person is (they say) a few parts in them… the’ve got the body which is the physical, they’ve got the spiritual, and then they’ve got the emotions, the mind (mental),  the character… the soul so something like that.  It’s all about this holistic like God wants to heal you in every area of your life and whether it’s instantaneous or little by little as it was with me over the years, as He was growing me in my faith to the point where I could really say, “Yes, I trust You.  Yes, You can be my Healer. You are my Healer. Yes, we’re going to do this completely ridiculous thing and I’m gonna trust You for what I think is impossible but I know that You are the God of the Impossible.”

So I just want to let you know and hopefully bless you with this message that truly, He really is God, He really is alive. If you really pray to Him with all your heart, your mind and soul, you say, “Lord, reveal Yourself to me.  Make Yourself known to me.  Heal me.  Help me to know You, the Creator and God of this universe, He will. He will.  Because He really is…  [moves forward and whispers] He’s real! He’s real! It’s true! I mean, Whoah! You know… If you don’t trust Him yet at least trust me, I’m telling you, He’s real.  And He’s Someone that you can trust that will never leave you nor forsake you.

But first, He’s been reaching out to you. He’s probably reaching out to you through me.  But now you’ve got to sort of say, “Hey, I’m listening.  I hear You.” And start talking to Him.  Start talking because He’s been trying to talk to you for a while now.

So God bless you and I wanna pray for you guys right now wherever you are. Let’s bow our heads or you can close your eyes or open them… whatever… just with your soul reach out to Him…

Let’s pray… “Father, Lord God, I pray for whoever is listening right now.  Lord God, I pray that You would just speak to them so loudly in their lives, that they would not be able to deny that You are there, that You are alive, and that they would obey You quickly and with so much joy.  Encourage them wherever they are right now. Bless them, Father, with a knowledge of who You are, Father. Help them to embrace and accept You as their Lord, Master, and Savior and truly we pray, Father, that they would learn to truly delight in You and I know that You would give them the desires of their hearts so Father, be with them in Jesus’s name we pray make Yourself real to them, Father in Jesus’s name we pray, amen.”

BUTTERFLYINTHESPRING (BITS): Amen, beautiful.  Isabella, were you always like this?

IG: I always loved to talk.  But now, I have something to say. [big big smile]

BITS: How did you get here?  How did you get to this stage of your spiritual life?
IG: God.  You know, in the bible it just talks about like a few sentences that described Jesus as a teenager and it says something like “He grew in stature with God and man…” but basically it’s, “He grew,”  It talks about many years with just… two simple words, “He. Grew.”  And God has grown me to the point where… my ninang used to call me “Clueless” and now i have more than a clue but God has really blessed me with His Word which is the truth and really, it’s the thing that can really set us free.  It’s Him.  He’s the One that sets us free.  It’s for freedom that He set us free.

BITS: Can I ask you… what do you think in your life led you to this place?

IG:  I was in so much pain when my parents separated. I believe that you can get saved in so many different ways but unfortunately… and fortunately for me, God used that time of my life when I was fourteen and… well, you have to have a starting point somewhere and I’m glad I started at zero ’cause I was so like zero.. I was so in pain.  I cried for like two years straight and when I say straight, I mean like every day… night and day and in the afternoons and then after about five years, I realized I don’t think I could cry anymore.  It was like dry after a while. But praise the Lord because God had turned my mourning into dancing and God is just… He’s everything.  He’s taken out all the little addictions to TV, to movies, things like that.  I still sometimes enjoy them but truly God is showing me that He is my Refuge. He is my Strength,  His joy is my strength.  He is truly everything.

BITS: Amen.  Are you gonna have another concert like you did at the Music Museum?

IG: Yes, yes.

BITS: When?

IG: We’re going to be doing I think a Mall Tour from November to December and then we’re gonna do a pre-Valentine show in Enchanted Kingdom.  So sometime before Valentine’s.  And then for all of you guys in the States, we’re gonna be doing a tour at the end of March to the beginning of April.

IG: Where can we get concert info?
IG: You can find it all on Facebook at The Next Attraction.  On Facebook it has a “The.” Or you can just do “#NextAttraction”

BITS: Great. I look forward to watching one of those!

IG: Yes Yes.
BITS: Thank you so much!
IG: Thank you so much!

Here’s a preview of The Next Attraction concert:

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