Save That Date (Project Author 2.o)

Last Thursday night, I couldn’t quite sleep.  To while the time, I happened to check on Facebook and discovered an invite to an event two days hence… to Project Author 2.o Ministry Edition by Salt and Light Ventures.  It reminded me of the writing workshops I attended with OMF Literature for which I’m supposed to write a book/ book proposal!  I had put the project in the back burner so I asked God, “Is this my reminder?”

Saturday morning came, I dropped by my shop to decorate this cake order:

… and then it was time to brave the traffic all the way to B Hotel in Alabang! It was only my second time to drive by myself there so I prayed all the way that I wouldn’t get lost.  Thank God for making that possible.

At the start of the seminar, the first question was:  “Your name, where you’re from, and why you are here.” So I said, “I’m here because I couldn’t sleep the other night and I opened Facebook…”

Ardy Roberto who was presiding over the event reminded us that in the bible, there was an instance when someone couldn’t sleep. It was in the book of Esther when King Xerxes couldn’t sleep so he had someone read the chronicles of his reign.  Because someone had journaled what took place, it could be reviewed and made an impact towards the salvation of God’s people.

As though Celine Dion were singing in my ear, it started coming back to me now…  I was reminded of the impact of writing and the importance of stewardship of this gift, but specifically for giving God the glory through how He moves in my or other people’s lives.

My blog had become relatively dormant. Ummm.. about six months except for that one post on March 1.  One of Ardy’s slides showed… what would I hypothetically give up to be able to write? Work is a given; it’s another stewardship task.  But a few hours of Candy Crush. (Oops! That’s my shoulder to shoulder activity with the beloved but I can minimize it).  Catching up on important news… through Facebook;  Learning the latest baking and cooking trends… through Instagram.; Errands? Sleeping? What aggregate less important activities am I spending time on that’s robbing God of getting some good old-fashioned glory with a cherry on top?

Starting a habit of being intentional, Ardy asked us to pull up our planners. Yes, from out of our bags, and write a date on “when am I going to write?”  I put Tuesday, March 7, 2-5pm to begin. I put other dates in as well. And then we put our planners away.

Miriam Quiambao Roberto, Ardy’s Miss Universe wife, and Ardy talked about her book too. Author, Nelson Dy, gave practical  and funny tips about writing.  Yna Reyes of OMF Literature gave a brief on basics an aspiring author should know.

I felt God’s nudge. I was so inspired that I intended to sign up for the subsequent sessions.

But work happens, old routines take over and by Monday, my writing date the following day wasn’t top-of-mind. That night, I had an overnight fever and flu symptoms.  I might infect my staff if I insisted on coming to work so I allowed myself to rest.

Rest.  Just two days prior, I had been savoring Pastor Joey Bonifacio’s teaching on Enjoying Rest.  As I rested at home on Tuesday and couldn’t go back to sleep from too much resting, I remembered my writing date for God. My fever didn’t allow me to go elsewhere but to keep my writing date! Tuesday, March 7, 2-5pm.

And so, I’ve been able to write on and off since while home avoiding a relapse.  But Lord, do I need the flu to keep my writing dates? I commit my desire to write to You that You would be the one to make it feasible for me to somehow write.

This blog was fruit of another Salt and Light Ventures writing workshop back in 2011. After I posted my first post-Project-Author-2.0 (by Salt and Light Ventures) article, Redecorating Project, referring to a powder room redecoration, it started to hit me that the redecorate is also for my blog by reaching in to everyday interests where God showed up!


Thank You, Lord, for getting my attention to make it my intention for fringe-suspension so I could mention Your connection to life in my writing appointments.  Please help me keep them.

I pray You enable me to walk in the light so that I may be a suitable instrument for You. Thank You for using Salt and Light Ventures/ Project Author 2.0 Teams to rev up Your people for the writing task.  I pray for all Project Author 2.0 Team and participants as well that You would empower and encourage each one to write for You for Your glory alone in Jesus’s name Amen.

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  1. ardyroberto says:

    Very nicely written. Go for it Karen!

    1. Praise God! Thank you so much for the encouragement ! God bless you and Miriam more!!:)

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