Through the Fire

Isaiah 43:2c-3a contains this specific phrase to talk about how God is our protection, cover, and shield from the fire. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned;  the flames will not set you ablaze. 3 For I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior.


If there were a fire, I think we would run at panic pace to get as quickly away to safety. But when God is our Savior, we can walk protected through the fires of affliction.  The verse doesn’t talk about the fire being put out, but that when the fire is there, we are protected and won’t be consumed by it.  We will not run amok in fear. And that is because God, the Holy One of Israel is our Savior. The word “when” instead of “if”.. you walk through the fire means that it is certain that walking through the fire is part of our journey. And when that happens, God is there to keep us from being burned.

Dear Lord, thank you for your protection through the fires of our lives.

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  1. butterfly-in-waiting says:

    i have been through different kinds of fires in my life — fires instigated by life, fires fueled by others and fires of my own doing. These were fires of rejection, persecution, betrayal, inadequacy, self-loathing, bitterness, envy, depression, etc etc..

    i have tried to get/earn love by trying to please the Isaac’s of my life. Jacob couldn’t please his father Isaac because he wasn’t his father’s favorite. But Jacob knew he was his mother’s favorite. Eventually, Jacob figured he couldn’t really please his father Isaac so he might as well outwit him to gain his blessing. What a mess! Not that it was purely Isaac’s fault. It was such a dysfunctional family to begin with. To this (dysfunctionality) I can very well relate to.

    However, i was neither my father nor may mother’s favorite. Nor was I anybody’s favorite. That was not really a problem except when I see others being favored. This began my tendency to ‘earn’ the love and longing for the approval of the Isaac’s of my life.

    I was a classic case of a serial people-pleaser. I knew I really had it bad when I realized i was pining for the approval of my helper! What the hell? How pathetic can I be?

    God’s love is different. He first loved me even before I knew him. He accepted me as I am — flaws and all. He yearns for me to know Him and feel His love for me. He even died for my sins so that i may have the chance to be with Him for eternity.

    However in my brokenness, I couldn’t feel His love for me. My mind tells me His love for me is for real. But my heart is pining for the approval and validation of those around me. How frustrating is that! I was aware that I like a lovesick teenager seeking the attention of someone inappropriate for me instead of going for the obvious one who is right for me. Aargh!

    But God’s love is not only kind, it is also patient. He waits for us to be ready for Him. He never imposes on us. In spite of my lack of enthusiasm, he loves me anyway.

    Eventually, I realized why I didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t feel My Abba Father’s love for me. I was waiting for my circumstances to change signaling that this time, I was the favored one. In my mind, when He changes my circumstances, he will finally come through for me.

    Logically, I know that not everyone can be the hero. Not everyone can be Patriarchs like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Not everyone can be Joseph or David. They lead fantastic lives. God blessed them and ‘walked with them’ for everyone to see. ( This was my narcissistic side talking).

    Therefore, i wanted to be the hero. I want to lead a fantastic life. I wanted to be blessed for everyone to see. ( As you can see, I am far from being humble.)

    i don’t want to be the nameless martyr who died for christ with nothing to show for. I want to be a victorious believer in stead of a ‘loser’ ( as kids nowadays say it) who lead a boring goody goody ho hum life.

    If i am to psychobabble myself, I would say this has it’s roots in my past — being the doormat nobody in the family.

    But God said ‘ For I know the plans I have for you; Not to harm you but to prosper you; plans to give you a future.” Therefore, God said that He had a plan for me. Not only is His plan good, it was perfect for me!

    Nowadays as I continue to struggle with my carnal self and my desire to be a loving, obedient daughter to my Christ, I try to focus on God’s goodness to carry me through the day.

    As God reveals (or not) His plan for me, I plan to continue knocking on heaven’s door for Him who is my rock and and salvation to ‘open’ the doors of my heart that I may feel him; for Him to remove the blinders in my eyes that I may see Him; for Him to quiet my spirit that I may hear Him so that I may worship Him with gladness all the rest of my life.

    In His perfect time, not only will I come out of the ‘fires of my life’ unharmed, i would be transformed into fine, pure gold — truly a beautiful (and majestic — i couldn’t help it ) butterfly in my spring.

    In Jesus, my Christ, my only hope I put my trust in You alone.

    1. Dear Butterfly-in-Waiting,
      Thank you for your message. It seems that God’s grace made you not your father’s nor your mother’s favorite. You are God’s favorite, the apple of His eye. Indeed, his love is unconditional; there is nothing you can do to make Him love you less and there is nothing you can do to make Him love you more. His love for you is perfect love, eternal, faithful. He loves you as is, where is, but in His love will want you to keep getting better. The fires are the refining tool. Sometimes, the miracles and evidence of His love do not come in the form of changed circumstances but in our changed heart, to point us to Him first of all. The characters in the Bible are encouraging because apart from Joseph and Daniel, most of them were real people with real weaknesses and even terrible faults. In His Spirit is your victory. I am expectant of God’s perfect time for you when you will not only come out unharmed from your life fires but transformed into fine gold, and be a butterfly in your spring! Glory to Jesus alone indeed in whom you put your trust!

  2. butterfly-in-waiting says:

    please change “purely Isaac’s fault” into “purely anybody’s fault”

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